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Chicken Breeds

Ameraucana Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Ameraucana Chickens: Seeking colored eggs? Ameraucana or Araucana, these birds will produce blue-shelled eggs. More >>
American Game Bantam Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile American Game Bantam Chickens: The American Game Bantam chicken is a wonderful exhibition breed for beginning poultry fanciers. Hens are fine layers and make wonderful mothers. More >>
Ancona Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Ancona Chickens: This hardy and vigorous Ancona chicken is a year-round layer of white eggs. More >>
Andalusian Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Andalusian Chickens: The Andalusian chicken is a lean, elegant layer that produces about three large, chalk-white eggs per week. It is an exceptional winter egg producer as well as a good source of breast meat. More >>
Araucana Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Araucana Chickens: The Araucana is a dual-purpose chicken breed prized for its blue-tinted, medium-sized eggs and plump carcass. More >>
Aseel Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Aseel Chickens: Developed for cockfighting, the Aseel chicken breed is now known for its gaminess. More >>
Australorp Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Australorp Chickens: A prolific producer of brown eggs, the Australorp is a black chicken with roots in Australia. More >>
Barnevelder Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Barnevelder Chickens: The striking Barnevelder chicken lays dark-brown eggs year-round and is a gentle addition to backyard flocks. More >>
Belgian Bearded d’Uccle Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Belgian Bearded d’Uccle Chickens: The Belgian Bearded d’Uccle (pronounced dew-clay) is a bantam chicken breed primarily used for exhibition, though hens are modest layers of small, creamy-white eggs, averaging two to three per week. More >>
Booted Bantam Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Booted Bantam Chickens: The ornamental Booted Bantam chicken makes a striking appearance at poultry exhibitions. More >>
Brahma Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Brahma Chickens: Brahma chickens are dual-purpose chickens known for their regal stature, enormous size, feathered legs and calm, easy-going disposition. More >>
Buckeye Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Buckeye Chickens: Buckeye chickens are dual-purpose, heritage chickens known for their luscious meat and their wintertime production of medium-sized, brown eggs. They are active foragers and a calm-natured chicken breed, making them ideal for backyard flocks and pasture-poultry applications. More >>
Campine Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Campine Chickens: The energetic Campine chicken is a dependable layer of medium-sized white eggs. More >>
Catalana Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Catalana Chickens: The Catalana chicken is a dual-purpose breed. Hens are non-broody layers of 150 plus medium to large, white- to light-tinted eggs yearly. More >>
Chantecler Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Chantecler Chickens: The Chantecler is a cold-hardy, dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed, especially treasured for its juicy, flavorful meat. More >>
Cochin Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Cochin Chickens: Cochin chickens are popular exhibition fowl, but they’re also productive, dual-purpose meat and egg makers. Their impressive size and aristocratic demeanor make them standouts in any crowd, while their fluffy plumage and docile natures help them excel as huggable pet chickens. More >>
Cornish Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Cornish Chickens: The Cornish is a heritage meat chicken. More >>
Crevecouer Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Crevecouer Chickens: The Crevecouer chicken breed is primarily used for exhibition, though it was originally developed for meat. Crevecouer hens are also respectable layers of medium-sized, white eggs. More >>
Cubalaya Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Cubalaya Chickens: The gorgeous Cubalaya chicken is a popular show breed and has dual-purpose qualities. More >>
Delaware Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Delaware Chickens: The historical Delaware chicken is a wonderful provider of eggs and tender meat. Hens lay approximately 150 to 200 medium- to rich-brown eggs yearly. More >>
Dominique chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Dominique chickens: Dual-purpose Dominique chickens lay a respectable number of small- to medium-sized, brown eggs yet are meaty enough to roast when young or stew in old age. More >>
Dorking Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Dorking Chickens: The Dorking is an ancient, dual-purpose chicken breed that produces about three to four white eggs per week, even in winter. More >>
Dutch Bantam Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Dutch Bantam Chickens: Dutch Bantam hens will lay small eggs in spring, summer and fall and will become broody in winter. Nowadays, the breed is used mainly for exhibition. More >>
Faverolles Chicken Poultry Livestock Profile Faverolles Chicken: The cuddly Faverolles chicken breed has great dual-purpose qualities and can be trusted around children. More >>
Hamburg Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Hamburg Chickens: The Hamburg chicken is a dependable layer but shy of people. Hens will lay an abundance of small white eggs year-round. More >>
Holland Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Holland Chickens: The rare Holland chicken is a wonderful dual-purpose breed that thrives in a free-range environment. More >>
Houdan Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Houdan Chickens: The Houdan chicken breed meets dual-purpose criteria as a great layer and table fowl. Hens are good layers of small white eggs, laying well into winter. More >>
Iowa Blue Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Iowa Blue Chickens: The nearly extinct Iowa Blue chicken breed has great dual-purpose qualities. More >>
Japanese Bantam Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Japanese Bantam Chickens: This extraordinary, ornamental Japanese Bantam chicken breed was originally favored by the aristocratic class of Japanese society as ornamental garden birds. More >>
Java Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Java Chickens: The Java is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed. Hens are decent layers of large to medium-sized, brown eggs and are broody. More >>
Jersey Giant Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Jersey Giant Chickens: The Jersey Giant is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed, especially noted as an outstanding roasting chicken. More >>
La Fleche Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile La Fleche Chickens: This chicken’s unique v-shaped comb qualifies it as an ornamental breed, though it has great dual-purpose qualities as well. The rarely broody hens lay well and produce large, white eggs into winter months. More >>
Lakenvelder Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Lakenvelder Chickens: The Lakenvelder chicken breed lays well, hens are non-broody setters of medium-sized porcelain-white eggs. More >>
Lamona Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Lamona Chickens: The Lamona is an extremely rare dual-purpose chicken. Hens are recorded as laying as many as 268 large, white eggs per year. More >>
Langshan Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Langshan Chickens: Tall, dual-purpose Langshans produce plenty of brown eggs. More >>
Leghorn- Non-industrial Poultry Livestock Profile Leghorn- Non-industrial: Looking for lots of white eggs? The curvy Leghorn is your choice. More >>
Malay Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Malay Chickens: The ancient Malay is best suited to fanciers and breeders wishing to revive the lines of Oriental poultry. More >>
Manx Rumpy Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Manx Rumpy Chickens: The dual-purpose Manx Rumpy earned its name during the 20th century, when a farmer saw a resemblance between the chicken breed and the tailless Manx cat. More >>
Minorca Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Minorca Chickens: Minorca chickens are known as wonderful layers of large, chalky-white eggs. More >>
Modern Game Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Modern Game Chickens: The Modern Game is an ornamental chicken breed that can be friendly despite its history of use in cockfighting. Hens will lay about 100 small eggs yearly. More >>
Naked Neck (aka Turken) Poultry Livestock Profile Naked Neck (aka Turken): A solid dual-purpose bird, the Naked Neck's namesake trait can be passed on to any breed of chicken. More >>
Nankin Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Nankin Chickens: The Nankin is a bantam chicken breed used primarily as exhibition fowl, though the hens are decent layers of tiny, delectable, creamy-white eggs. The breed is very broody and excels as surrogate hatchers. More >>
New Hampshire Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile New Hampshire Chickens: A relative of Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires are primarly raised for meat. More >>
Old English Game Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Old English Game Chickens: The Old English Game chicken breed comes in a variety of colors and is most commonly used in show. Hens lay well for a game breed and make nice mothers. More >>
Orpington Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Orpington Chickens: Plummage is important in this large breed; they lay brown eggs and are a popular backyard chicken choice. More >>
Phoenix Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Phoenix Chickens: The Phoenix is typically kept as an ornamental chicken breed. Hens are not reliable as layers, but they will become broody and make good mothers. More >>
Plymouth Rock- Non-industrial Poultry Livestock Profile Plymouth Rock- Non-industrial: One of the first breeds admitted to the American Standard of Perfection, Plymouth Rocks offer both eggs and meat. More >>
Polish Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Polish Chickens: The Polish chicken breed is used mainly for exhibition. Some strains lay three to four medium-sized, white eggs per week while others are mediocre layers. More >>
Redcap Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Redcap Chickens: The dual-purpose Redcap chicken breed is a former favorite of the farmer’s wife. Hens lay 120 to 180 white (slightly tinted) eggs yearly and it has a long history of being a great provider of meat. More >>
Rhode Island Red Chickens/Rhode Island White Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Rhode Island Red Chickens/Rhode Island White Chickens: The deep mahogany-colored Rhode Island Reds are popular for meat and egg laying--and make fine show birds. More >>
Rosecomb Bantam Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Rosecomb Bantam Chickens: The Rosecomb Bantam is an ornamental chicken breed. Hens are not broody and will lay a small number of tiny white eggs. More >>
Russian Orloff Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Russian Orloff Chickens: The Russian Orloff is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed, especially prized for its meat. More >>
Sebright Bantam Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Sebright Bantam Chickens: The historical ornamental Sebright Bantam is studied by molecular biologists in hopes of creating a better understanding of the genome of chickens and how traits are passed on. Hens produce tiny white eggs, but they are non-broody and unreliable as layers. More >>
Shamo Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Shamo Chickens: The Shamo is an ornamental chicken breed that produces a good amount of meat; however, the meat has been described as tough and isn’t favorable to every palate. Hens make good mothers, but fare poorly as layers. More >>
Sicilian Buttercup Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Sicilian Buttercup Chickens: The Sicilian Buttercup is a heritage layer chicken breed that produces medium-sized white eggs. More >>
Silkie Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Silkie Chickens: The Silkie is a bantam chicken breed used mainly as exhibition and pet chickens; however, due to Silkie hens’ extreme broodiness, they make wonderful surrogate hatchers, as well. More >>
Sultan Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Sultan Chickens: The Sultan chicken breed is used for exhibition. They were once considered fine table chickens, but due to their scarcity, they’re rarely eaten nowadays. More >>
Sumatra Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Sumatra Chickens: The ornamental Sumatra chicken breed was originally used for fighting. Indonesian Island residents would catch Sumatra cocks during breeding season, use them in combat and release them once their seasonal aggression declined. More >>
Sussex Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Sussex Chickens: The Sussex is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed. Hens are excellent producers of large, cream-colored or light-brown eggs that they lay through the coldest winter months. More >>
Welsummer Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Welsummer Chickens: The standard dual-purpose Welsummer chicken breed is famous for its large, dark, terra-cotta-colored eggs that are often speckled with an even darker hue. More >>
White-faced Black Spanish Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile White-faced Black Spanish Chickens: The delicate White-faced Black Spanish chicken breed has a unique white face, making it popular as an ornamental. Hens are non-broody and prolific layers of large, pure-white eggs. More >>
Wyandotte Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Wyandotte Chickens: The Wyandotte is a hardy dual-purpose bird with loose, fluffy feathering that lends to their round shape. More >>
Yokohama Chickens Poultry Livestock Profile Yokohama Chickens: The long-tailed Yokohama chicken breed is used for exhibition. More >>

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