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Farm Management

Learn to manage your farm like a pro with these farm management articles.

Hunting on the Farm
Hunters and hobby farmers can work together toward wildlife management, hunting access and help ensure the health of the farm and environment.

Using Travel Corridors on the Farm
Learn how to employ travel corridors--a wildlife habitat--to help manage wildlife on your farm.

Winter Weather Basics for Farmers
This winter season checklist for farmers offers basic tips for livestock and farm owners --read tips from extension agents, too.

5 Steps for Using Saved Seeds as Currency
Use seeds saved from your garden to trade with people in your community for the products and services you need.

7 Winter Projects You'll Thank Yourself For This Spring
Use your winter downtime to do things around the farm that were neglected during the growing season to make spring planting a breeze.

Planning--Your Garden--Makes Perfect
Get organized early this year by charting your garden plan now before spring. Check out our planning calendars, charts, checklist tips and more.

Grazing the Surface: Managed Grazing
By managing your animals’ grazing, you ensure a grass-covered pasture, lower feed costs and improved health for the herd.

Organic Farming
Converting your farm from conventional to organic-farming methods is an important decision. Learn what's involved on a yearly basis.

Prevent Disease and Dried-out Soil with Plasticulture
Modern plasticulture technology could be the small-scale farmer’s solution to a more productive farm.

Spring Planting Checklist
Read our six tips to get your tools, crop plans, mulches and more ready for this year’s growing season.

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