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Lisa Munniksma: The News Hog
The News Hog 
Get the facts (and opinions) about what's happening outside of your farm gates. From Washington to your city hall, decisions are being made that affect your farm and food system. Diseases and discoveries are changing the face of small-scale farming. Former Hobby Farms editor Lisa Munniksma writes about these breakthroughs, issues and legislation—from the serious to the ridiculous—to help you take action in your community.

11/24/2015 - New Food Safety Rules For Your Farm
After nearly five years in the making, the FDA finally announces its Food Safety Modernization Act rules.

11/17/2015 - Genetically Modified Pets Are Here
Genetic modification isn’t just for corn and soy beans these days.

11/10/2015 - Pollinator News Roundup
So you haven’t been keeping up on the latest bee and pollinator research? Not to worry—that’s what we’re here for.

11/03/2015 - A Campaign For Good Food
The day a Plate of the Union address becomes standard for U.S. presidents is the day I'll start appreciating politics.

10/27/2015 - Action On GMO Labeling Is Needed
With Vermont's GMO-labeling law taking effect in 9 months, the U.S. Senate is feeling pressure to move on GMO-labeling options.

10/20/2015 - Crop Diversity Is Dwindling In U.S., Study Shows
A long-term study finds the U.S. crop supply is becoming less and less diverse and monoculture farms are taking precedence.

10/13/2015 - The U.S. Government Doesn't Care If Your Food Is Sustainable
In the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, talk of sustainably sourced foods is nil.

10/06/2015 - More Bad News About Glyphosate
The chemical herbicide everyone loves to hate is in the news again with more evidence of health issues.

09/29/2015 - Congressional Bills Aim To Open Raw-Milk Markets
Two lawmakers want to make it less illegal for farmers to sell raw milk.

09/22/2015 - USDA Proposes Horrifying Bird-Flu Control
The USDA’s answer to stopping the next bird flu outbreak—and the methods already in place—will have you second-guessing industrial poultry farming … again.

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