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Popular Farming: Chickens

Popular Farming: Chickens
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One Step Closer
Across America, suburbanites and city folk alike have heard the call—or cluck—of chicken keeping. No longer relegated to generations-old farms on acres of land, this popular practice is the perfect fit for hobby-farming individuals or families who desire a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Whether you are an experienced chicken keeper or need a few tips, the second edition of Chickens™, part of the Popular Farming Series™, can help you raise a happy and healthy flock.

What You’ll Find

MEET THE KEEPERS: Meet give such individuals who want a closer connection with their food—albeit eggs or meat—in chicken keeper profiles scattered through the magazine. They were inspired to share their stories of chicken keeping and sustainability with their local and virtual communities—and now you.

THE BASICS: Learn the basics of keeping chickens from choosing the right breed for your needs to hatching chicks to making a coop for all seasons. With these basics, your feathered companions will have comfortable lives. Don’t forget to fortify that hen house; "Coop Security” on page 94 provides invaluable information on deterring the predators that keep chickens and chicken keepers awake at night.

ENRICH YOUR LIFE: Aside from requiring day-to-day chores, chicken keeping also can enrich your life. Green thumbs will appreciate chickens as assistant gardeners; they till the soil, control insect populations and provide excellent fertilizer. Read more about the benefits of melding chicken keeping and gardening on page 72. These friendly fowl make gentle companions for children, who learn responsibility and self-sufficiency from an early age. Turn to page 104 to see proof.


The Family Farm
History and self-sufficiency charm modern families back to one of America’s oldest legacies.
By Jennifer Burcke

Lay, Lady, Lay
Discover the top egg-laying chicken breeds in the poultry world.
By Sharon Biggs Waller

Fancy That
Feast Your Eyes on the chicken world’s rarest and flashiest breeds.
By Sharon Biggs Waller

Chicken Keepers
On the Farm with Erick Knutzen and Kelly Coyne
By Nicole Sipe

A Choice of Chickens
Do your research before selecting a breed.
By Jennifer Sartell

Chicken in the Pot
Learn about meat birds and how to harvest them.
By September B. Morn

Day 1 to Day 21
Learn all about chicks’ hatching and brooding processes.
By Jennifer Sartell

Chicken Chores
Regular maintenance keeps your coop clean and your hens happy.
By Kristina Mercedes Urquhart

Food for Your Flock
Provide the proper nutrition for healthy chickens and plentiful eggs.
By Melissa Caughey

Chicken Keepers
On the Farm with Maria Moser
By Nicole Sipe

A Coop for All Seasons
Learn how to weather-proof your chickens’ abode for changing temperatures.
By Jennifer Burcke

Put Your Poultry to Work
Nourish your garden with the help of your chickens.
By Rebecca Nickols

Chicks in the City
What does it take to keep chickens in a suburban or urban area?
By Kim Campbell Thornton

Chicken Keepers
On the Farm with Terry Golson
By Nicole Sipe

Keeping an Eye on Your Chicken
Here are some possible causes for your chickens’ atypical behavior and egg production.
By Kathy Shea Mormino

In Good Condition
Learn to identify, prevent and treat chickens’ health problems.
By Kathy Shea Mormino

Coop Security
Learn how to keep your flock safe from predators.
By Melissa Caughey

Chicken Keepers
On the Farm with Melissa Griffiths
By Nicole Sipe

Kids in the Hen House
Gentleness and hygiene play crucial roles in positive chicken-children interactions.
By Kyra Kirkwood

Furred and Feathered Friends
Dogs and chickens to together like bacon and eggs…except when they don’t. Here’s how to ensure a peaceful coexistence.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

Flavors from Around the World
Try these mouth-watering chicken and egg recipes at home.
By Fiona Green

Comfort Food with a Twist
Prepare these delicious variations of familiar favorites.
By Fiona Green

Bird Business
Expand your entrepreneurial acumen, and make a profit from poultry, meat and eggs.
By Rachel Hurd Anger


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Reader Comments
My favorite chicken is the silkie chicken!
Taylor, Davie, FL
Posted: 3/17/2015 7:07:04 PM
I don't have a favorite breed of chicken, but I hope to learn more about chickens, I would love to raise them.
Debra, Taylor, TX
Posted: 6/8/2013 2:53:51 PM
What is the chicken pictured on page 94-95 "Coop Security" in volume 1 2nd ed? It is black with copper and gold on its feathers. I would LOVE to have a flock full of chickens that look like that!
Michelle, Ozark, AL
Posted: 6/3/2013 8:54:46 PM
The best for backyards? Red Stars, hands down!
Diane, Chesapeake, VA
Posted: 5/18/2013 4:00:53 AM
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