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Hobby Farms' Homemade Bread

Flour Power
Borne from modest ingredients, bread made from scratch has the power to nourish, save money, and awaken your taste buds.

The power to nourish: Baking bread and monitoring nutrition go hand-in-hand. A typical ingredient list for a loaf of packaged bread is enough to scare or confuse a person: high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, mono-something, di-something else. Bread essentially is flour, water, yeast and salt. What are those other things doing in there?

The power to save money: Baking bread is economical. For the price of a good-quality loaf, you could have all the ingredients you need to bake several loaves of fresh, wholesome bread many times over.

The power to awaken your taste buds: When you bake bread from scratch, you can add only the ingredients you want while omitting or substituting those you don’t. Like the taste of white bread but want more fiber? Replace some of the white flour with wheat. Want bread with a little substance? Add nuts, seeds, oats or dried fruit. You can make your bread as simple or complex as you want, using only whole foods.

We invite you to discover bread’s benefits. With over 50 kitchen-tested recipes and pages of baking tips, Homemade Bread™, the fourth issue of the Popular Kitchen™ Series, will guide bakers of all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced.

What You’ll Find
Bread-baking Basics: From baking techniques to essential ingredients and equipment, we’ve broken down the breadmaking process into an easy-to-understand primer for beginners. You’ll find out why temperature plays an important part in a successful loaf, when to knead and when to let dough sit, how to proof yeast and much more.

More than 50 Recipes: We’ve provided step-by-step instructions and full-color photos for each recipe. Enjoy making white and whole-grain loaves, breakfast breads, rolls, herbed breads, flat breads, quick and sweet breads, and even no-knead bread.

And Much More: Bread machine recipes, troubleshooting solutions and tips for storing your creations—it’s all here. Homemade Bread™ is an all-encompassing guide to the world of breadmaking. This Magabook® (magazine-book) is an essential resource for every kitchen enthusiast.


By Bread Alone
We break down the breadmaking process.
By Nancy Mann Jackson

How to Knead
Don’t be intimidated by this simple skill.
By Nicole Sipe

Basic White Breads
Recipes for white sandwich bread, French bread, buttermilk-honey bread and sourdough
By Lindsay Evans

Whole-grain Breads
Recipes for whole-grain rye bread, whole-wheat bread, sweet cinnamon oatmeal bread, black bread and multigrain bread
By Eve Adamson

Breakfast Breads
Recipes for buttermilk biscuits, bagels, English muffins, croissants and scones
By Rhoda Peacher

Rolls, Buns and Dinner Breads
Recipes for dinner rolls, twisted Parmesan breadsticks, pumpkin rolls and hamburger buns
By Lindsay Evans

Herbed and Flavored Breads
Recipes for French bread with cheese and onions, olive bread, basil and sun-dried tomato bread, rosemary bread and double dill light rye
By September B. Morn

Recipes for rosemary focaccia, pizza dough, Indian fry bread, pita pocket bread and crispy crackers
By Samantha Johnson

International Breads
Recipes for naan, challah, pretzels, Irish soda bread and Russian black rye bread
By September B. Morn

Quick Breads
Recipes for banana nut bread, healthful zucchini bread, cornbread, peanut butter and jelly bread, and pumpkin bread
By Eve Adamson

Sweet Breads
Recipes for cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, monkey bread, orange sticky rolls, glazed doughnuts and chocolate pan dulce
By Nicole Sipe

A New Kind of Breadbox
Bread machines allow for homemade taste with less fuss.
By September B. Morn

No Need to Knead
A revolutionary way to make beautiful, artisan-style loaves.
By Nicole Sipe

Just a Little Longer
Extend the shelf life of your homemade bread with these simple tips.
By Kyra Kirkwood

In a Bind
Flat loaves? Gummy bread? Find out what went wrong.
By Kyra Kirkwood

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