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Soup’s On!
It doesn’t take a classically trained chef or a cornucopia of hard-to-find ingredients to concoct a soup or stew. If you know how to boil water and have a smattering of vegetables, meats, beans and/or grains to toss into a stockpot, you can make soup.

Soups & Stews™, the seventh issue of the Popular Kitchen™ Series, has the information you need to create a foundational soup stock or broth, techniques for preparing and cooking soups and stews, and safe methods for storing them in the freezer or pantry. Also included are more than 50 recipes for all kinds of soups and stews, from comfort-food classics like tomato basil soup, beef vegetable soup and chicken noodle soup to original kinds such as ten-vegetable curry soup, summer harvest stew, and strawberry soup with yogurt and balsamic reduction.

What You’ll Find
Building the Foundation: A soup is nothing without a stock! We’ve included recipes for vegetable, chicken and beef stock as well as tips for preserving them in the freezer and through pressure canning.

More Than 50 Recipes: We’ve provided step-by-step instructions and full-color photos for each recipe. Enjoy making vegetable, poultry, meat, seafood, bean and grain, cream and cheese, slow-cooker, international and cold and dessert soups and stews.

Tips and Techniques: Suggestions for must-have equipment, garnish and side-dish ideas that will spice up any recipe, pointers for cutting onions without tearing up—you’ll find all this and more within Soups & Stews™, part of the Popular Kitchen™ Series.


Comfort Food at its Finest
New to soups and stews? Read this quick overview that includes techniques, tips, equipment, storing and freezing.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Investing in Stocks
Prepare today for your soup- and stew-making future with simple recipes for vegetable, chicken and beef stocks.
By Cheryl Morrison

Recipes for roasted butternut squash and leek soup, fresh tomato basil soup, minestrone, sweet potato and coconut soup, roasted Mediterranean vegetable soup, Hungarian mushroom soup, creamy zucchini soup, and ten-vegetable curry soup
By Kristina Urquhart

Recipes for chicken, corn and potato stew; chicken meatball soup; Thai-inspired chicken soup; Italian-style chicken stew; spicy Mexican chicken stew; and chicken noodle soup
By Rhoda Peacher

Recipes for beef vegetable soup, venison stew with dumplings, pork paprikash, ham and potato soup, Irish lamb stew, and Italian wedding soup
By Amy Grisak

Recipes for halibut and fennel stew, clam chowder, seafood gumbo, and hearty bouillabaisse
By Laura Hill

Bean and Grain
Recipes for black bean soup with chorizo and chocolate, French green lentil soup, green posole with chicken soup, red bean chili with grilled sirloin and white Cheddar, Old World mushroom barley soup, and jambalaya shrimp and rice soup
By Patricia Lehnhardt

Cream and Cheese
Recipes for broccoli Cheddar soup, shrimp and fennel bisque, roasted corn and pepper chowder with pepper Jack cheese, and beef and sweet potato stew with horseradish cream
By Jennifer MacKenzie

Slow Cooker
Recipes for ham and bean soup, chicken noodle soup, potato cheese soup, old-fashioned vegetable soup, summer harvest stew, and spicy autumn bounty soup
By Kyra Kirkwood

Recipes for easy Mexican tortilla soup, Japanese miso soup, Tuscan bean and prosciutto soup, French onion soup, mulligatawny, Vietnamese tomato soup with shrimp dumplings, Caribbean chicken stew, and Hungarian goulash
By Fiona Green

Cold and Dessert
Recipes for Mediterranean cucumber soup, chilled avocado soup with pico de gallo, strawberry soup with Greek yogurt and balsamic reduction, and Southwest tomato and roasted red pepper gazpacho
By Megan Smith

Souped-up Soups
Garnishes and sides serve as soups’ best accessories by adding flavor and interest.
By Sharon Kebschull Barrett

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