The Good, Bad and Ugly of Winter Chicken Keeping

It’s easier to prepare for winter when it’s always the same. In many parts of the country, winter is cold, blustery and frozen through for months without relief. Because I grew up in Michigan, living in Kentucky has been confusing—winter has no consistency here. In years past, we’ve had legitimate tornado warnings and thunderstorms in […]

The Pullets are Laying Eggs

I’ve been buying eggs for 2 months. My family doesn’t eat very much meat, so we technically fall under the flexitarian, or semi-vegetarian category, making eggs very important to my family. When the girls aren’t laying, our choice is to eat more meat or buy eggs. It’s embarrassing to buy eggs and chicken feed, but […]

Awaiting First Eggs

The four pullets are finally 20 weeks old, and they’re the same size as the hens. Even though winter is just a few days away, the girls will start laying eggs soon. I’m officially on egg watch. They’ll start when they’re ready, though. I don’t see the need to coax them to lay with dummy […]

3 Reasons for Delayed Egg-Laying

This week I’m answer a question that comes from one of our readers Angela. She asks: “My chickens are 27 weeks old, and they’re still not laying eggs. They are layers, and I don’t know what to do. Help please!” Angela, generally, a young hen under the age of 1 year (known as a pullet) […]

Two Flocks, One Coop

When the overnight temperatures began plunging into the 40s this past week, I decided to eliminate the temporary housing the pullets have been living in. Just after dusk, when everyone was having trouble seeing, I scooped up the young girls and popped them into the coop with hens. Forcing territory into a community space was […]