12 Chicken Ornaments To Decorate Your Poul-Tree 

Add a festive flock touch to your holiday tree with these whimsical chicken ornaments, the perfect poultry decor to warm up the special season.

by Ana Hotaling

‘Tis the season to deck the halls with holly, mistletoe and all the trimmings of the holidays. For many, decorating a tree is one of the chief holiday traditions. Some celebrants hang heirloom ornaments, while others use their crafting skills to string popcorn and cranberries, create colorful construction-paper chains, and even crochet intricate snowflakes.

Themes are a fun way to change things for the holidays. At my home, I select a yearly theme, and all of our holiday decorations reflect it throughout the house.

Past themes have included pine cones, gingerbread, silver and Star Wars. Last week, I realized that, in the 30-odd years I’ve been selecting holiday themes, not once have I chosen chickens as my motif. Of course, this observation occurred after I’d already decorated my home and tree with snowmen.

Here are 12 suggestions for chicken ornaments that’ll turn your spruce, pine or fir into a holiday “poultree.” 

French Hen 

This blown-glass ornament (pictured above) features a pretty white hen speckled with black sitting contentedly on a bowl trimmed with poinsettias. Glitter details emphasize her wings, wattles, comb and tail feathers, as well as the flower petals and bowl design.

This ornament, crafted by Old World Christmas, measures 3.25 inches in height and is sold by Callisters Christmas. Retail price: $24.99 plus shipping and taxes. Item #16144. 

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Hen on Nest 

Nestled on a nest of straw, a baby chick snuggled up to her, this lovely mother hen embodies the spirit of family. Made by Old World Christmas of blown glass, this ornament shows gorgeous feather detail and a content expression on her face.

This ornament measures 2.5 inches in height and is sold by Christmas Mouse. Retail price: $19.99 plus shipping and taxes. Item #425246.

Garden Winter Roost Chicken 

This little brown hen has taken refuge from the snow inside a bow-bedecked overturned flowerpot. Fortunately, there’s straw for warmth and comfort. This mother hen is accompanied by an adorable baby chick, who watches Mom from a garden trowel.

Designed by Marjolein Bastin and crafted from plastic by Jim Kemme, this 2022 Hallmark Keepsake ornament measures 2.46 inches in height. Retail price: $18.99 plus shipping and taxes. 

Three French Hens 

These silver-tone hens hold their heads upright, beaks open in song. Perhaps they are warbling The 12 Days of Christmas along with a partridge and a couple of turtle doves? Gold-toned combs and waddles add a touch of color to this metallic trio.

Sold by Macy’s, this ornament measures 2.5 inches in height. Retail price: $30 plus shipping and taxes. Item #12543514. 

Christmas Chicken with Sign 

This little white hen certainly has the holiday spirit! Wearing a sparkling Santa hat, she has a Christmas-bulb-draped sign around her neck that reads Merry Christmas.

Made of resin by Red Shed and sold by Tractor Supply, this festive hen measures approximately 2 inches in height. Retail price: $4.99 plus shipping and taxes. Item #185839999. 

Crocheted Chickens 

Hand crocheted to order out of acrylic yarn by Stacie71, these adorable hens are the perfect addition to any holiday tree. Each hen measures approximately 4 inches in height and comes in your choice of black, brown, grey, orange, red or white.

Stacie also crafts and sells matching crocheted rooster ornaments. Retail price: $5 each plus shipping and taxes. 

Shiplap Chickens  

This trio of holiday hens is ready to celebrate the season! Each chicken wears a sparkling red bow around its neck and is bedecked with boughs of greenery.

Handmade from shiplap wood by WinslowsCreationsCo, this set of three 3.25-inch-high chicken ornaments comes in white, brown, grey, or in a set featuring one of each color. For an additional fee, you can have the year or names engraved onto the chicken ornaments. Retail price: $19.99 plus shipping and taxes. 

Chicken Nest Boxes 

Feature your hard-working layers on your tree with this adorable resin ornament. This design features two rows of green nest boxes, each with a hen and eggs inside. A red shingled roof and red and white accents add festive touches. Made by Red Shed and sold by Tractor Supply, these nest boxes measure approximately 2.5 inches in height. Retail price: $4.99 plus shipping and taxes. Item #185840199. 

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Chicken Coop 

Old World Christmas offers us the opportunity to bring our flock’s home into our home with this stunning blown-glass coop. This little red henhouse features a four-panel window, dark roof and a runged ramp with cute white hen at the top, ready to come out for the day.

This ornament, sold by Callisters Christmas, measures 2.75 inches in height and retails for $29.99 plus shipping and taxes. Item #16128.  

Chubby Chick 

Each of these chubby baby chicken ornaments is handmade from pure New Zealand wool, so no two chicks are alike. Designed by Danish company Én Gry & Sif, the chicks are crafted by female artisans in Nepal to help support their communities. Each chick is Fair Trade certified and measures approximately 1.75 inches in height. Choose from purple (pictured above), white or yellow  (each color listed separately).   

The German Christmas Shop USA also sells a miniature trio of chubby chicks, one of each color, in a separate listing. Chubby chick retail price: $12.  

Baby Chick  

This unique blown-glass ornament doesn’t hang on your tree. Instead, it clips onto a tree branch. This baby chick is a soft butter yellow in color and features tiny wings and little feathers starting to peek out from its down. Its angelic little face makes this Old World Christmas ornament almost irresistible.

Sold by Callisters Christmas, it measures 1.75 inches in height. Retail price: $10 plus shipping and taxes. Item 425334. 

Egg Carton 


Add an eggstra-special touch to your tree with this sweet set of farm-fresh eggs! Hand-crafted from glass in Poland, this ornament features a dozen brown eggs, all packed in a glittery golden carton.

Sold by Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, this ornament is 1 inch in height and 3 inches in length. Retail price: $12.99. Item #1212666. 

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