Cari Jorgensen
October 7, 2015

19 Nail Designs Inspired by Your Farm19 Nail Designs Inspired by Your Farm – Urban Farm nail art is for when you’re in the city and want a piece of the country to take with you.This nail art is for when you’re in the city and want a piece of the country to take with you.This nail art is for when you’re in the city and want a piece of the country to take with you.nail art designs, farm nailsnewsCari JorgensenOctober 7, 2015

How often do you get your nails done (or do them yourself)? Maybe you change the color once a week or perhaps you make the trek to the salon and have them done every couple weeks. Manicures seem to be all the rage lately with gel options and nail stickers. But there’s one trend we hope catches on and sticks: farm nail art. It’s cute and fun and perfect for the farmer who likes a little city life, too.

Here are 19 farm-inspired nail designs we think you’ll love:

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1. Honey Bees

Whether or not you’re a beekeeper, you understand the necessity of bees. And they make really for a really cute design on your nails.

2. Cowboy Boots

These are simple and elegant, giving the traditional French manicure a little bit of a country flair. 

3. Little Red Tractors

Chances are your tractor isn’t red, but it’s fun to mix up the colors a bit.

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4. Deer

These nails show off the wild side of farm life. 

5. Barn Life

You have to love a nail art design that combines blue skies, animals and a little red barn.

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6. Piggies!

When you’re in the mood for a little softness but also a little fun, go with these pink piggies.

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7. Tractor & Corn

Tractors and veggies go hand in hand in farming. Now they can go right on your nails too.

A photo posted by Kayla Homan (@khoman3) on

8. Cows

Who doesn’t love nails that say “moo”?

9. Little Red Barn & Sunflowers

How cute are these?!

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10. Vegetable Garden

Sometimes your “farm” only consists of a small vegetable garden on your terrace. Don’t let that deter you from considering yourself a farmer… or from designing your nails to prove it.

11. Farm Animals

While maybe not the most professional-looking design, these are perfect for carefree days or for when you know you’re going to be around kids.

A photo posted by Leanne (@leanne_nailtech) on


12. Country Flair

Another take on the French manicure, these add a little bit of glitter to the country scene.

13. Horses

This design incorporates a love of horses and a little history of the west.

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14. More Cows

Cows seem to be synonymous with farms, don’t they? 

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15. Corn

Nothing says farming like ears of corn with smiley faces on them.

A photo posted by Emily (@teenagenails7) on

16. More Animals

You can’t have a farm without animals, can you? If you did, it’d just be called a garden.

A photo posted by Viridiana (@virysoteloo) on

17. Peek-a-Boo Farm Animals

This design is cute in its simplicity, and even includes a little red barn door.

18. Tractors

Once again the French manicure is modified to incorporate a farm-inspired design. This time only a single nail on each hand contains the farm image, making this design elegant and cute.

A photo posted by Hayley Turner (@haylynnt) on

19. Even More Animals

Because why not?

Which of these designs is your favorite?

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