Video: 2 Easy Ways To Propagate Hydrangeas In August

Hydrangeas are in bloom right now, and if you would like more of these beautiful flowers you can propagate from your plants using the 2 techniques in this video.

Do you see hydrangeas in bloom right now and realize you want more of them? Even though summer is dwindling, there is still time to propagate these beautiful perennial flowers showing off this month. In the video we show you two quick and easy ways to multiply some of that fresh green growth into future shrubs for your garden.

1. Propagation Pots

In this method, pots are placed next to the mother plant to bend a limb down to root while the limb is still getting nutrition from the mother. To do this, simply bend a fresh limb down to the pot and remove leaves. Place something heavy to hold the limb in the pot.

Continue to water as normal, and roots will start to grow from the area of the limb where the leaves were removed. Wait a few weeks for the roots to develop. If you plan to transplant the new plant, wait several weeks for a strong root system. If the plant will stay next to the mother plant, you can clip the bent limb once roots are developed. 

Supplies needed:
  • propagation pots
  • something to weigh down the limbs
  • soil

2. Cuttings

Another easy way to propagate hydrangeas is to take cuttings and use a rooting medium to grow new roots in soil. In this method, timing is crucial. It is best to cut the fresh new limbs  from this year’s growth. The woody stems are more difficult to generate roots.

Make sure to pack your seed-starting tray or cups with potting soil to have ready for the cutting you take. To get a good specimen, cut a fresh branch 4 to 6 inches long right above the node where leaves attach to the stem. These nodes are where new roots will form.

Remove all the leaves except one set at the top of each cutting. Dip the cutting in water followed by rooting hormone, making sure it adheres to the  nodes. Insert the cutting so the potting mix covers at least two bare nodes. Then gently firm the potting mix around the cutting.

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This method will take two to four weeks for roots to develop. Plant, pot up or give away as the roots develop and grow into a beautiful new hydrangea. 

Supplies needed:
  • scissors
  • potting mix
  • rooting hormone
  • styrofoam cup
  • a humid tray 

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