2022 Best Of Cluck Annual Photo Contest Winners!

Check out the winners of our annual 2022 Best of Cluck photo contest. We've got the cutest chick, best hen and rooster and much more!

by Chickens Magazine HQ
PHOTO: Martha Tully/Glen Sprey, New York

To honor you and your beautiful birds, we put together another great Best of Cluck photo contest that allowed you a chance to win some awesome prizes. This year, we offered five categories to enter: Cutest Chick, Best Hen, Best Rooster, Best Group and Coolest Coop.

Scroll down to see who won!

Cutest Chick

Martha Tully/Glen Spey, New York

Sponsored by Grubbly Farms Prize: a $100 Grubbly Farms Gift Card. Since 2015, family-founded Grubbly Farms has pioneered the use of healthy and sustainable insect-based pet foods. The protein comes from black soldier fly grubs sustainably grown on leftover fruits, veggies and grains that would normally go to waste in a landfill. As Grubbly’s earth-friendly, farm-fresh recipes give love to the planet, they also keep our fluffy ones happily nourished with foods they naturally love.

Best Hen

Debby Dathe/Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sponsored by Brinsea Products Prize: A ChickSafe Eco Automatic Chicken Coop Door (retail value: $150). This tough and reliable system automatically opens the coop door in the morning and closes it in the evening as light levels fall, keeping your birds safe and giving you peace of mind.

Best Rooster

Shannon Keeler/Ariel, Pennsylvania

Sponsored by Murray McMurray Hatchery Prize: a $100 gift certificate to Murray McMurray’s online store for poultry and/or other merchandise. Murray McMurray Hatchery provides the highest quality poultry and auxiliary products to their customers, and have been a trusted, knowledgeable industry resource for more than 100 years. Whether you are an experienced or novice enthusiast, you will enjoy its wide selection of breeds and supplies to assist you with raising your flock.

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Best Group

David Rubenstein/East Troy, Wisconsin

Sponsored by Mt. Healthy Hatcheries Prize: a $100 gift certificate to Mt. Healthy Hatcheries, a family-owned and operated business founded in the mid-1920s. From 1924 to today, they have hatched and sold millions of chicks throughout the nation.

Coolest Coop

Ben Lightner/Olympia, Washington

Sponsored by Cutest Coops Prize: one welcome mat of choice and one sign of choice from Cutest Coops, which build the highest quality and customizable coops, with thoughtful design features that make chicken-keeping a fun and easy hobby. Each coop is hand-built, with attention to detail and careful measurements, leaving a flawless finished product. Each coop is predator safe, weather resistant, easy to clean and customizable, with superior ventilation.

This Best of Cluck photo gallery previously appeared in the July/August 2022 issue of Chickens magazine.

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