4 Barn Tools You Need This Year

Whether you already have the barn or are looking to build it, these tools need added to the top of your wish list.

by Rick Sosebee
PHOTO: Courtesy Sand Creek Post & Beam

Looking for a new tool or piece of equipment that could make the day’s work in and around the barn easier? Whether it’s a tool or ornate addition to the structure—maybe even the structure itself—something new can add excitement back into your workday while making it easier at the same time. Here are a few tools you should consider.

Sand Creek Post & Beam: The Barn

If your property is lacking a suitable barn for your work load, focusing on structures and getting the type of barn you want to dress out your hobby farm is an obvious starting point. Whether you need new construction or a remodel of the usable space on your property, you’ll need a company that understands your needs.

Sand Creek Post & Beam in Wayne, Neb., could be just the right fit. Combining rustic beauty with the strength of rough-cut timbers, Sand Creek will focus on your dream structure while maintaining the American heritage and authenticity of a traditional barn. When your dream is realized on paper and the custom design is officially completed, Sand Creek will deliver the final kit to you for construction.

If you choose, Sand Creek can also arrange professionals to erect the structure for you. If you trust their design why not let the pros do the deal whole-hog?

Noble Outfitters: Wave Fork

4 Barn Tools You Need This Year (HobbyFarms.com)
Courtesy Noble Outfitters

Have you ever tried to clean stalls with a manure fork with bent or missing tines? The new Wave Fork by Noble Outfitters is a simple tool to make the dirty work a little less stressful. The copolymer plastic resin used to make the tines gives this tool undeniable durability, and the loading capability is maximized with tall outer tines. This stable tool also features an aircraft-grade aluminum handle to successfully lift those heavier loads.

Touted as unbreakable, the design implements a patented I-Beam rail and tine construction and has been rigorously tested on-farm. If you’re not convinced that this new product is for you, maybe the fact that it is guaranteed for 5 years will help you reconsider doling out $59.99 to purchase it.

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Cyclops: Xevo 500 Hand-Held Light

4 Barn Tools You Need This Year (HobbyFarms.com)
Courtesy Cyclops

Ever wished for a powerful light to peer down to the back of the stalls, or evento help you track down a lost calf out in the pasture late at night? With the new Xevo hand-held LED light from Cyclops, you’ll have the right tool to get the job done. Cyclops built the Xevo 500 using a high-power Luxeon M LED that has a burn time of 105 minutes using six energizer batteries, which translates into extremely effective lighting.

The light output clocks in at 500 lumens, and with a detachable red lens, you can slip through the woods or back pasture without disturbing the wildlife around you. It’s sculpted with an ergonomically designed rubberized grip to ensure you keep a good hold on the light. The Xevo 500 light is easily stored in the dash of your car or your barn’s tack, and at $59.99, your budget can breathe easy.

Quadboss: 25-gallon Boomless Sprayer System

4 Barn Tools You Need This Year (HobbyFarms.com)
Courtesy Quadboss

Quadboss has been producing reliable land-management tools for years and is consistently redeveloping items to make those tools work better. The 25-gallon boomless sprayer system features a corrosion-proof polyethylene tank with the power of a ShurFlo 3.8 gallon per minute pump. The included handgun sprayer has 15 feet of hose, should you need it for those focused spot sprays. With this quality product mounted on the rear rack of your ATV, your spraying jobs along the fence line or around the barn can be completed quickly with a horizontal throw of 35 feet. The sprayer is powered by the 12-volt system on your ATV and features an on/off switch for easy engagement.

If you have small-scale spraying needs on the hobby farm or hunting lease, this kit will make every relevant job easier. The boomless system allows the driver to focus on directing the ATV with hands off of the sprayer as it is delivering product from the rear. All rack mounting gear is included with the kit. (Part Number: 567177; $429.99)

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