45 Gift Ideas For The Hobby Farmer In Your Life!

Lost buying gifts for a beloved farmer? Whether you are shopping for a gardener, chicken keeper or livestock owner, here are 45 gift ideas for $15 or less.

by Rachel Porter
PHOTO: Rachel Porter

Shop these lists to find small gifts for the hobby farming enthusiasts in your life. Each list of the following three lists has 15 farmer gift ideas available for $15 or less.

These farmer gift ideas are all perfect to stuff in stockings, tie on larger gifts or create a themed basket!

Gardening Gifts

Gardeners are some of the easiest hobby enthusiasts to shop for. They love anything that helps grow more plants or take care of plants. They even love simple pictures of plants!

This list will give you creative gift ideas for the gardener or small farmer in your life:

  1. Merch: So many great web sites and local feed stores full of gardening hats, t-shirts and socks!
  2. Kneeler Pad: A foam pad, usually around 18 by 12 inches, to protect knees while digging in the dirt 
  3. Hori Hori Knife: Hailed as the “best gardening knife”, this useful tool divides plants, plants bulbs, digs holes, loosens root bound plants and helps with tons of garden chores.
  4. Outdoor Thermometer: In greenhouses and outdoor gardens, temperature plays a huge role. Find a thermometer that can determine the soil temperature as well as the air!
  5. Seed Packets: Many sites and stores have seed packets printed for seed saving. This allows gardeners to keep record of what seeds they are, when they were saved and materials required to keep the seeds healthy.
  6. Journal: A good journal is a great gardening gift, with so many planting timelines, shopping lists and notes on what worked in a garden.
  7. Christmas Topiary: Most nurseries have rosemary, lavender or spruces in a small potted shape sure to thrill any gardener.
  8. Themed Growing Kits: Salsa, cocktails and kitchen herbs are popular themes in curated garden kits. These growing kits make windowsill growing a delight.
  9. Mini Kenzan: Often in a frog shape, these structures are used to keep flowers (cut fresh or faux) in place during display.
  10. Vases: Thrift stores are a great place to shop for beautiful vases the gardener can use to display a harvest.
  11. Garden Gloves: A gardener can never have enough gloves.
  12. Garden Markers: Cute displays to remind the gardener what seeds were planted and where 
  13. Gardener’s Soap/Scrub: Several brands have a gritty mix for gardeners to really get nails cleaned and dirt exfoliated.
  14. Fruit/Vegetable Scrubber: You’ll find many cute tool options to clean fresh fruits and vegetables when they are brought into the house.
  15. Tools: Hand-sized trowels, shovels, weed eliminators, sheers and small rakes are always welcome gifts!

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Chicken Gifts

Chicken-keepers (both the novice and professional farmer) love gift baskets of helpful and useful supplies. These items can be very inexpensive and easy to find. Throw a few of them in together to make a great basket option.

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  1. Mini Pebbles: Small chicks often need to pebbles inside their waterers to prevent drowning.
  2. Thermometer: Having a good idea of the temperature inside a coop or brooder box is perhaps even more important than knowing the temperature of the outside air.
  3. Clippers: Like humans, chickens sometimes need their nails clipped. 
  4. Dust Pan: A handy broom and pan are nice to have near the chicken housing to clean shavings
  5. Dust Bath: The No. 1 way to combat mites? Provide a dust bath for chickens. This is just a pail you can add soot and ashes to. Make sure it is adequate for a full-size bird to get in and wiggle around. It’s also a great basket option to hold chicken presents.
  6. Medicine Basket: Chicken-keepers need a first-aid kit available to treat conditions as they arise. We recommend including antibiotic spray, hydrogen peroxide spray, electrolytes, vaseline and epsom salts.
  7. Wipes: Whether they clean the chicken or just the area, disposable wipes are great to have nearby.
  8. Cleaning Brush: Chicken shavings and droppings ensure waterers and feeders constantly need a good scrubbing
  9. Swing: For your chickens’ entertainment (and yours!), find a chicken swing!
  10. Chicken Harness: Yes they make these, and your chicken lover will just have to try it out!
  11. Chicken Hats: Santa hats, gnome hats, feather top hats and birthday hats have become a hot trend in chicken fashion. 
  12. Egg Apron: Also fashionable, but actually practical for the chicken keeper, is an egg apron with pockets perfectly sized to collect eggs. No more hoodie pockets as baskets!
  13. Merch: Shirts, hats, socks with chickens are available everywhere these days, with several great options!
  14. Heat Lamps: Another staple of owning chickens is using heat lamps from time to time.
  15. Waterers and Feeders: Fresh and clean new waterers and feeders are a great and appreciated option for chicken keepers. 

Livestock Gifts

Farm animal owners love their livestock! Buying something special for the animals they hold near and dear to their hearts is always a safe bet. So is any gift that makes chores for the livestock farmer a little more pleasant!

  1. Books: Works about raising animals or books with their animal as the main character are great for any age farm animal owner.
  2. Merch: Socks, hats or shirts with their beloved species are sure to be a hit!
  3. Stuffed Animals: Depending on the age, these toys can be real pleaser. (Bonus points for Squishmallows!)
  4. Journal: A livestock journal is a great idea and will include all the things they will want to keep record of. But even if it isn’t targeted to livestock, you can find journals to keep medical records in, notes, breeding schedules, certificates for breeding and handy information for quick reference.
  5. Brush: New, clean brushes are always a safe bet! 
  6. Thermometer: It’s important to know the temperature of animals’ housing, as well as the outdoor temperature. Getting a thermometer just for inside the barn is a very thoughtful idea.
  7. Winter Gear: Gloves, ear muffs, scarves, beanies are all things livestock owners will appreciate when combating cold weather to check on animals.
  8. Flashlight: As the days grow shorter, flashlights are a necessity for checking animals.
  9. Tool Belt: Most farm jobs could benefit from extra hands! A tool belt would be extremely handy for keeping a farmer’s hands free.
  10. Tool Box: Birthing kits, medical kits and general maintenance supplies are all great to keep in a tool box.
  11. Buckets: There are exactly 1,000 uses for a bucket on a farm. (No need to fact check!) Seriously, you can trust that a bucket will always be a useful gift, especially when filled with other  presents!
  12. Syringe: Blue bulb syringes are great for all animals for a multitude of purposes.
  13. Work Gloves: These easily fall into the category of “you can never have too many.” A great, dependable gift to give.
  14. Ear Tagger: There are several inexpensive options out there that will do a great job for tagging ears.
  15. Thermos: Never underestimate the power of warm coffee while doing chores. An insulated cup or thermos will definitely please your farmer.

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