5 Reasons We Love Muck Boots

Gotta get farm work done? There's one tool you must have no matter what's on the to-do list.

by Samantha Johnson
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If you had to name one tool that was absolutely essential to your hobby farming endeavors, what would you choose? Your tractor? A 5-gallon bucket? Your handy manure fork? For me, it’s something you might not store in your tool box or barn, but without them, work around the farm would be nearly impossible: muck boots.

Think about it—where would we farmers be without this oh-so-important clothing item? I, for one, envision mud in a lot of undesirable places and a lot more wasted cash on replacing less-than-sturdy footwear. Yes, muck boots are a necessity for any farmer, but in case you need a little persuading, here’s why we find them so great.

1. They Keep Our Feet Dry

I know, I know—this one seems so elementary and obvious. But it’s really worth thinking about for a minute. Muck boots keep our feet dry. And as farmers, doesn’t it seem like we’re always out working in less-than-dry conditions? Rain, mist, heavy dew, mud and, of course, manure—all of these combine to make a pair of muck boots a must-have on your farm. Your socks and feet will thank you.

2. They’re Tough

Farming takes determination, hard work and guts. And while you’re out there working hard in a determined, gutsy way, doesn’t it make you feel better to know that your feet are protected by a tough and durable pair of boots that are able to handle the challenges that farming throws at you? Yeah. Me, too.

3. They’re Versatile

Wherever your farming projects take you, muck boots are ready to go along for the ride: working in the garden, cleaning the barn, mucking out stalls, foraging for wild leeks in the woods. Your boots have got you covered. Can you name any other type of footwear that can claim this type of versatility?

4. They Go With Everything

Maybe it’s just me, but one of my favorite attributes of muck boots is the fact that they are an attractive complement to just about any outfit. I’ve paired muck boots with jeans (obviously), overalls, heavy winter snow pants, skirts, and—yes—even pajamas. (Hey, those late-night foaling checks are the perfect occasion for those pajama-muck boot pairings. It’s an eye-catching combination, I promise.)

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5. They’re Dependable

Whenever you need them, there they are, just waiting for you to slide your feet inside. Muck boots are one of the hardest-working members of your farm team, and they wait patiently, ready to spring into action at the first sign of a mud puddle, dirty stall or thunderstorm. You can count on your muck boots to be there for you—in any situation and at any time.

If I tried to add up all the hours that I’ve spent wearing muck boots over the past two decades, I’m sure it would be a staggering number. In fact, it might be faster to calculate the number of hours that I haven’t been wearing them. And this year, I’ve made a new and exciting discovery. The best way to beat the springtime mud-season blues is with a brand-new pair of hot pink muck boots. Mud just can’t get you down when your boots are pink. Try it! (You could even pair them with pajamas … just a thought.)

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