5 Ways to Give Back to Animal Rescue Groups

It's autumn and groups that rescue unwanted animals need you as they're winterizing their facilities and buying winter feed.

by Martok
5 Ways to Give Back to Animal Rescue Groups
Photo by Sue Weaver

It’s autumn and groups that rescue unwanted animals need you as they’re winterizing their facilities and buying winter feed. As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches, you might be thinking of ways you can give back to your animal friends. Here are some things you can do to help out animal rescue groups.

1. Investigate a group near you and volunteer your labor.
Review HobbyFarms.com’s list of rescue organizations or do an Internet search for animal rescue groups in your state (i.e., search “Arkansas animal rescue groups”) to find an organization or two or three that you’d like to help. There are lots of ways to help out as an animal-rescue volunteer. Check out this page at the American Standardbred Adoption Program’s website for some ideas. The American Standardbred Adoption Program is Mom’s favorite equine charity. Our friend Maire, the grumpy old mare, came from there! If you can’t do heavy work, consider working with a dog rescue group whose volunteers simply play with the dogs. The dogs love it. You will, too!

2. Hold a fundraiser for your favorite group and donate the proceeds to help buy winter feed.
Host a trail ride, put on a chili supper or sell sloppy joes at your local farm-harvest event. Set up a booth and hand out flyers encouraging others to donate money or help out however they can.

3. Scope out your favorite animal charity’s wish list.
Ask for it directly from the rescue organization or find it on their website. My favorite group is New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary (yay goats!). Some of the things on their wish list include horse treats, hay, goat feed, salt blocks, collars, lead ropes, dog blankets and foal or mini horse blankets, goat dewormers, hay racks, and gift certificates to feed, tack and hardware stores. Maybe you have some to spare?

4. Sponsor an animal by yourself or in collaboration with your friends.
It doesn’t cost a lot of money to sponsor a rescued animal and it helps buy feed and provide for your sponsored animal’s care. For example, Star Gazing Farm saves farm animals of all kinds. You can sponsor anything from a steer to a duck!

5. Adopt!
If you have room on your farm for one more animal, consider adopting a needy horse, donkey, llama or alpaca, cat or dog. You can also take in a stray. Most of our dogs and some of our goats, like Spike and Modo, came to us this way. Save a life and make a friend. Everyone wins!

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