52 Conversation Starters for Farmstead Gatherings

Break the ice at your next farmstead gathering with questions that prompt guests to open up about their lives on the farm.

by Dani Yokhna

Whether you’ve invited your girlfriends to the homestead for a weekend getaway or you’re hosting a farm-fresh brunch for your neighbors, it can be difficult to break the ice—especially if some of your guests have never met. Use these farm-themed conversation starters during your meal to get everyone talking and feeling more comfortable with one another.

Click below to download and print the questions. Cut them apart, and place them in a container at the center of the table. (A canning jar or basket works well, but feel free to use any container that suits the theme of your gathering.) Ask guests one at a time to draw a question from the container and answer it. Encourage other guests to chime in with their answers, too.

You can kick off your party with the questions or sprinkle them throughout the event. With any luck, they’ll spark other conversations that last well beyond the meal.

Conversation Starters
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