6 Handi-ABLED Farm Animals that Will Inspire You To Overcome the Tough Stuff

Having a hard day? These farm animals prove that you need to fight for the good life.

So you might have taken notice of the completely adorable goat from the Land Down Under that took the web by storm this week. Frostie the Snow Goat checked in to Edgar’s Mission, a farm sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, with a disease known as join-ill. The bacterial infection enters the newborn kid’s body through the umbilical cord and can cause severe pain in the animal’s joints. 

Frostie’s condition was so severe, as explained in the video, that he lost function of his back legs. Lucky for him, though, he fell into the caring hands of the people at Edgar’s Mission, who fitted him with a wheelchair, so he could move around—not only able to take part in the pasture activities that make all baby goats giddy, but also to flush the infection out of his system.

How cool is that?

Well, Frostie isn’t the only handi-abled farm animal on the Net. Check out these other animals given a second chance at life.

Summer the Sheep

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Summer lost function of her back legs due to a Meningeal worm parasite, passed along to pasture animals by wild deer. Although, she unfortunately was not able to recover from the disease, she was able to enjoy her last few months on the farm thanks to a wheelchair outfitted for her by Eddie’s Wheels in Massachusetts. (If you have an animal in need of wheels, check out their site for how to order a custom-fit cart.)

Nemo the Chicken

Yes, the infamous red Solo cup has a use outside the barn party. The caretakers of this little poult at the Sterling Impression Animal Rehab Center built Nemo a homemade chicken wheelchair, allowing her to walk across the room despite casts on her leg. A possible solution for rehabbing chicks with spraddle leg?

Chris P. Bacon the Pig

Now, I didn’t think I could love pigs more, but then entered this philanthropic swine who has overcome the tough stuff in life and has decided to give back to others. Born with malformed legs, Chris P. was given a second chance at life when Dr. Len Lucero adopted him from a previous owner who wanted to euthanize him. Now, he’s the subject of three children’s books and has brought a smile to the faces of hospitalized children who face similar challenges.

Roozer Brewz the Dwarf Miniature Horse

If only all animals were born to farmers as sympathetic and caring as Roozer’s human parents. Multiple complications at birth means he’s grown to a mere 68 pounds and 19 inches tall. However, according to his owner, the one thing he’s not short on is spunk, and this equine trots happily around the farm thanks to two wheels. We’ll have to admit, we’re a little jealous of his cushy pad—a stall decked out with a bed, curtains and an A/C. Check them out on his Facebook page!

Hero the Calf

Wheelchairs aren’t the only way for farm animals to get around, though, when they’ve lost use of their legs. Hero the calf had his back limbs to frostbite, according to an Associated Press report, and was fitted for prosthetic legs. Now, putting fake limbs on a 600-plus-pound (and growing!) calf is no easy task, but the folks at Hanger, Inc., a prosthetic limbs manufacturer, took on the challenge and fitted Hero sturdy, durable and bovine-fashionable hooves.

Moral of the story? Even if you’ve had a tough day on the farm, it sure doesn’t beat the hurdles these troopers have overcome. So pick yourself up by your bootstraps, a do what it takes to put some happy back into your life.


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