6 Reasons Why You Need An Electric Chainsaw

Gas-powered chainsaws have long been an ideal tool for felling small trees and producing firewood. But the electric chainsaw has become a viable alternative.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

Gas-powered chainsaws have long been an ideal tool for felling small trees, producing firewood and tackling other related projects. But in many cases, electric chainsaws have become a viable alternative.

Whether you’re using a corded model or one of the increasingly capable battery-powered options, an electric chainsaw can be a great choice for hobby farmers.

A tried-and-true gas chainsaw has long reigned as the king of cutting on my farm. But I recently purchased a small electric model to simplify some of my less formidable pruning and cutting projects.

Electric chainsaws offer a lot of advantages, and I’m excited to give mine a good workout.

At this point, I should mention how electric chainsaws aren’t for everyone. They do have a couple of key drawbacks. Generally speaking, they’re not as powerful as gas chainsaws. They’re better-suited to light work like pruning tree branches than sawing up entire logs, and I’m keeping this in mind when choosing the perfect projects for mine.

Electric chainsaws also have limits in terms of range and/or cutting time. Corded models must be tethered to a power source, while battery-powered models can only operate until their batteries run dry. Unless you keep a few fully-charged spare batteries on hand, running out of power requires waiting for the battery to recharge, an inconvenience compared to topping off the fuel tank of a gas model.

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But in many cases, the numerous advantages electric chainsaws offer outweigh these pitfalls. Let’s run through half a dozen of the best reasons to use an electric chainsaw.

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Reduced Noise

A gas chainsaw makes noise as long as the engine is running, whether you’re actively cutting or not. An electric chainsaw is like an electric drill. It’s silent when it’s not cutting, and the whir of its electric motor is relatively quiet compared to the roar of a gasoline engine.

In short, using an electric chainsaw is a more peaceful exercise.

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No Exhaust

No gas engine, no exhaust! Electric chainsaws don’t give off exhaust fumes, so they’re safer and not as smelly.

Less Maintenance

While electric chainsaws do require bar and chain oil, overall they’re simpler and require less maintenance than gas models. For example, they don’t have any spark plugs.

Small & Lightweight

While there are exceptions, electric chainsaws tend to be smaller and lighter than gas models. This reduced size comes with a tradeoff (less power). But it does make electric chainsaws easier to handle and maneuver.

Easy Starting

If you dislike pulling repeatedly on the cord of your gas chainsaw’s recoil starter, you’ll be happy to know you can start an electric chainsaw with just the push of a button. That will save some wear and tear on your shoulder!

Less Expensive

If you’re willing to buy one of the smaller models, electric chainsaws can be less expensive than their gas counterparts. This makes them a budget-friendly option for anyone just getting started with chainsaws.

Electric chainsaws might not be perfect in every way, but for many light-duty tasks, they’re an ideal choice.

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