65 of Our Favorite Chicken Names

Your chickens are part of you family now. Do the decent thing, and give them a name. Here are some great names we found.

by Rachael Dupree

At some point in time, chickens were relegated to the world of farm commodity. Flocks of poultry were kept to provide meat and eggs and little else. Well, times have certainly changed. Today, chickens are an endearing—often spoiled—part of the homestead, and each has its own distinct personality. To us, nothing seems more obvious for chickens than distinct labels: names.

The methods for naming your egg-laying pets are countless. (If you need help, naming a bird, here are our tips.) Some draw on the birds’ physical features or idiosyncratic habits with names such as Mr. Feathers or Peepers, while others turn to pop-culture icons, such as the Kardashian sisters, for inspiration. Still, others opt for tongue-in-cheek descriptions of their chickens’ future destinies: Lo Mein, Parmesan and Curry, to name a few. Then who can resist the pun-tastic names playing on words related to all things chicken: Cluck Norris, Sir Clucks-a-Lot, Princess Lay-a, Yolko Ono … the list of eye-rolling names continues to grow.

Chicken names are novelties and can elicit a chuckle out of skeptics who scoff at the idea of making the flock part of the family. In the oh-so-practical world of farming, naming chickens gives farmers a chance to have a little fun.

If you’re adding chicks to your flock and are starting to think about names, we’d like to offer a little help. We asked our readers to share some of the funniest chicken names they’ve come up with. Perhaps it will help get your brain churning.

For the Silkie in Your Life

  • Mr. Fluffy Pants
  • The Fluffer Butters
    (for a whole gang of Silkies)
  • Princess Fluffy Butt
  • Cosmo Kramer

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For Pop-Culture Junkies

  • Lindsey LoHen
  • Mrs. Burns
    (wife of Mr. Burns on The Simpsons)

  • Roo-Paul
    (a Showgirl)
  • Cher
    (another Showgirl)
  • Betty White
  • Lucille Ball
  • Chick Norris
    (a Buff Orpington)
  • Bruce Lee
    (Australorp/Easter Egger cross)
  • Elvis and Priscilla
    (a bantam couple)
  • Edward Scissor Beak
  • Conan O’Brien

favorite chicken names

  • SharkWeek
  • Benjie
    (A Speckled Sussex that looked exactly like Benjamin Franklin when she was little.)

favorite chicken names

  • Miss Selena Gomez

favorite chicken names

  • Snookie
    (a Jersey Giant)
  • LaFonda
    (She just looked like a LaFonda.)

If Rhyming Is Your Thing

  • Hewy, Dewy, and Louie
  • Helen the Felon
  • Fatty and Patty
  • Pickle Tickle

favorite chicken names

If You Have a Rooster to Name

  • Fabio
    (He has long blonde feathers.)
  • President Fitzgerald Grant

favorite chicken names

  • Obi and Kenobi
  • Wooster

favorite chicken names

  • Rock the Cock

favorite chicken names

  • John HanCock

For the Punny Among Us

  • Tyrannosaurus Pecks
  • Heidi Plume

favorite chicken names

  • Sir Cluckington von Coopenheimer

favorite chicken names

  • Larry Bird
  • Annie Yolkley
  • Eggdar Allan Poe
  • Dixie Chick
  • Mary Poopins
  • Chickstina Eggpera
  • Foodie Favorites
  • Bok Bok Choy
  • Baked, Broiled, Fried, Stew, Noodle and Soup
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Barbecue, Garlic and Teriyaki
    (all Ameraucanas)
  • K, F, and C
    (three brown hens)
  • Dinner!

Inspiration From Kids

  • Pink Sparkle Moon
    (And there’s no shortened version—we have to say the whole name every time!)
  • Twilight Diamond Sparkle
  • Gooey, Gross, and Monster
  • Harry Potter
  • Peter Pan
  • Nausea

And there’s a lot more where those came from. Tell us more of your favorite chicken names in the comments below.

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