8 Fun & Easy Farm Projects To Tackle This Year

Running a farm, even as a hobby farmer, is a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean there’s never time to tackle projects just for fun. Here are eight ideas to keep in mind.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

Running a farm, even a hobby farm, is a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean there’s never time to tackle projects just for fun.

If you’re looking for a change in pace, here are eight fun and easy ideas for farm projects to pursue this year.

  1. Install a Rain Gauge

Curious how much rain your farm receives? Don’t count on the broad weather reports from your area. Get a localized tally from your own rain gauge!

Whether you choose a simply functional or more decorative model, installing a rain gauge in the right location provides you with accurate information about your microclimate, helping you make better decisions when watering trees and plants.

  1. Build Some Birdhouses

Birds can be beneficial on farms, gobbling up insects and reducing the population of pests affecting orchards and gardens. So why not build some birdhouses and provide homes for the species you want to attract?

Aside from the practical benefits, simply watching the birds enjoy the houses is a pleasurable reward. Perhaps you’ll see baby birds take their first flight!

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  1. Assemble a Bamboo Pole Planter

A bamboo pole and a clothespin are all you need to assemble a bamboo pole planter designed to prepare specific hole depths for planting seeds. It’s quick and easy to assemble, and what’s better than putting a homemade tool to use in your garden?

  1. Try a Reel Mower

Riding mowers and string trimmers perform great work, but a simple hand-pushed reel mower has its place, too. They’re quiet, they’re simple, they don’t generate smelly engine exhaust, and they produce healthier cuts than other types of mows.

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  1. Put up a Wildlife Camera

What kinds of wildlife roam your farm when you’re not looking? Find out with a wildlife camera! When placed in a logical area of high animal traffic, a wildlife camera can record photos and videos of every creature that passes.

Deer, coyotes, raccoons … maybe even a bear or wolf? You never know what you might capture on camera, and that’s half the fun.

  1. Transplant Flowers

Transplanting flowers is always an enjoyable task with beautiful results. Whether you’re moving an abandoned patch of daylilies or transplanting a particularly pretty patch of wildflowers, there’s something satisfying about enhancing the beauty of your farmyard or garden with bursts of flowery color.

  1. Enjoy a Farm Radio

Listening to a radio isn’t a project in and of itself, but it’s a great companion for more utilitarian jobs like cleaning a barn. Durable old radios can be inexpensive, so they can entertain you in the barn or out in a field without much concern about getting dusty and dirty.

And since your listening choices are restricted to what’s being broadcast in your area, you might find yourself tuning in to an interesting program you wouldn’t have sought out yourself.

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  1. Explore with a Metal Detector

Learning about the history of your farm can be a deeply interesting pursuit. One of the most hands-on ways is to explore your farmyard and fields with a metal detector.

Suppose you find olds coins or a horseshoe? Maybe you locate a piece of an old machine? Every item hints at a broader story—the story of your farm. And hunting for clues is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Enjoy some fun farm projects this year!

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