9 Tile-stencil Designs

Give your kitchen or bathroom an easy update by painting wall tiles with one of these tile stencils.

by Dani Yokhna

Whether you want to add flair to a newly tiled wall or brighten up existing tiles for a fresh look, these stencils can help give your kitchen, bathroom or other tiled room a cozy farmhouse feel. Here are the steps to help you get started.

1. Choose your stencil.
Select your favorite farm-themed stencil from the images below, and download the image. Increase or reduce the size of the image to fit the size of the tile you want to paint. Print the image on card stock or another heavy material. Use a hobby or utility knife to cut out the black part of the image.

2. Plan your design.
Once you paint your tile, it’s not easy to undo the changes, so prepare your colors and design ahead of time. Use gridded paper to lay out the design. For a more visual representation of how the painted tiles will work with the overall theme of your room, use tape to mark Xs on the tiles you plan to paint, or tape printouts of the stencil on the selected tiles.

Painting a spare tile is an excellent way to test your colors and skills without permanently altering the tile on your wall.

3. Prep tile surface.
Clean the tile surface of any built-up grease or dust using a vinegar and water solution. To remove mold or mildew buildup, use a hydrogen-peroxide or bleach solution. Also be sure to repair any damaged grout or tiles before starting.

4. Paint!
To stencil your tiles, use an acrylic or enamel paint designed for use on the surface you’re working on. The brush you want to use for application will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve. “I recommend soft, rounded brushes for applying base glazes,” says Denise Ertler, a field representative for Mayco, which sells paints for use on tiles. “These allow the color to float nicer on the tile. For outlines and details, I recommend a small liner brush.”

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Once your design dries, apply a layer of clear polyurethane paint to give the tile a glossy finish and prevent the design from chipping.

Farm-scene stencil 
Farm Scene 
Cherries stencil 
Dandelion stencil
Fleur de Lis Stencil
Fleur de Lis
Maple-leaf stencil
Maple Leaf
Rooster stencil
Tulip stencil
Floral-design stencil
Floral Design

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