A Bee Pulls A Nail Out Of A Brick Wall—And It’s Amazing!

Watch this bee flex its muscles, pulling a nail its size out of a brick.

The bees who live on pollinator-friendly farms have it good. We farmers grow their food and build their bee houses for them, allowing them to focus on the jobs at hand: pollinating flowers and making honey.

But not all bees get to live this live of luxury. Take this mason bee for instance. Seeing an opportunity in a brick wall, it pulls a nail out of a brick wall—a nail that probably weighs as much as it does, if not more!—so that it can get inside to nest. It’s absolutely incredible!

Unlike honey bees, which nest in hives, mason bees lay their eggs in holes in trees or pieces of wood. When such wood isn’t available, apparently they have to get thrifty. The mysterious world of bees will always continue to amaze us.


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