A Family Farming Legacy Continues At Spring Road Farms

Spring Road Farms founder Britt tells us about the chicken-centric venture's plans to expand to a plot of markedly larger land.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Spring Family Farms

“We are fortunate to have some beautiful olives,” says self-described “crazy chicken lady” Britt, who runs Spring Road Farms in the Canadian province of Alberta alongside “resident handyman” Chad. “The depth of that color is beautiful.”

Chickens play a central role at Spring Road Farms, founded around six years ago. Originally situated on 7 acres of land, the venture will soon move to a larger 34-acre plot of forested land in the mountain foothills.

Taking a minute out from finalizing moving plans, Britt spoke to us about chicken behavior and her family’s deep farming roots. We also covered how their rescue pup, Rosco, gets along with the poultry ranks.

Furthering a Family Farming Legacy


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“My parents come from ranching and western roots,” says Britt. Her farming history, it turns out, spans generations of family. “My dad was a bareback and bull rider and is a large animal veterinarian. My mom grew up on a 45,000-acre cattle ranch.”

Those early farming roots subsequently expanded during the first stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Britt and her family hatched out their first 20 chickens.

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Expansion Team

The next step in the Spring Road Farms journey: expanding over to a markedly larger plot of land.

“There are currently several grizzlies roaming the area of our farm. So being aware and cautious is very important,” says Britt. “We are looking forward to this next step in developing our farm and expanding the roots of our family.

“We aim to lean on the fruits of our labour and community to provide what we need.”

Starting Out with Chickens

Britt says that chickens were chosen as an integral part of the venture due to being “a good entry-level species.” She adds that once they realized how unique and eye-catching the peep’s eggs were, they started an Instagram account focused on documenting their bounty.

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Meet Rosco the Rescue Pup

Alongside the chickens, a 6-year-old rescue dog named Rosco forms a key part of the fabric of the farm.

“He is very social and was eager to befriend the chickens but quickly learned they weren’t as eager to befriend him,” says Britt, summing up their dynamic. “He is a great protector and is mostly interested in the treats the chickens get.”

Bringing Dreams to Life

Reflecting on her farm and family journey so far, Britt says that she takes joy from being able to “do it all together and seeing how we are able to bring our dreams to life. We are never bored. And the reward of growing and raising your own food is worth all the blood, sweat and tears.”

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