A Modern Black & White Farmhouse Becomes Home At Carolina Sugarberry Farms

Hobby farmer Sara Easley tells us how a collection of Nigerian dwarf goats keep things endlessly entertaining at her homestead.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Carolina Sugarberry Farms

“We’ve always just loved the timeless and classic look of black and white,” says Sara Easley when she recounts the decision to base Carolina Sugarberry Farms around a striking black and white farmhouse. “We find a lot of beauty in keeping things simple, minimalistic and fresh looking.”

Situated in Ravenel, South Carolina, Easley and her husband now preside over land populated by four goats and 12 chickens. The couple turned a love for animals into “our own little slice of paradise.”

We spoke to Easley about the joys of Nigerian dwarf goats and basing their house and farm name around a Southern Living floor plan. We also got into bonds that form between a hobby farmer and the animals.

The Origin Of Carolina Sugarberry Farms


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Easley says that she and her husband decided to formally start a farm after they both sadly lost a parent. “We realized life is too short to wait on making our dreams come true,” she says.

When it came time to name their hobby farm, the couple took inspiration from having based their house around a Southern Living floor plan titled Sugarberry Cottage.

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Send in the Goats

Goats are an essential part of the daily goings on at Carolina Sugarberry Farms. “We decided on Nigerian dwarf goats because they are ridiculously cute as babies and seemed to be a manageable option for beginning hobby farmers like ourselves,” explains Easley.

“With their smaller size, they didn’t require building a big barn or an extensive pasture.”

Goats Can Improve Your Mental Health

Reflecting on the decision to add goats to the farm, Easley says that one of the early lessons they’ve picked up on is that “contrary to popular belief, goats can be terribly picky and waste a lot of hay. Sometimes it feels like we are just dumping cash straight into our compost pile!”

On the plus side, Easley says, goats are all about human companionship. “We knew they were friendly. But they just love spending time with us and we love being with them just as much.

“Our goats are constantly bringing smiles to our faces and have supplied countless amounts of laughter in our family. Goats are absolutely great for improving your mental health!”

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Goat Pranks & Shenanigans

“Goats love to take advantage of opportunities to be mischievous,” says Easley. “Farm chores aren’t an easy task when they are around. They love being right under your feet, jumping in the wheelbarrow and sneaking into the hay stash. It’s their daily mission to escape the pasture, thus why we had to install double gates.

“It’s not unusual to come into the goat house and find one of the mounted hay feeders has been knocked down,” continues Easley. “They love to play with each other and get rather rambunctious, especially first thing in the morning and then usually right before they get put up at night.”

Farm Animals as Family Pets

At Carolina Sugarberry Farms, each and every animal is treated as a family pet. “They all know their names and have their own unique personality,” says Easley.

“The most rewarding part is the bonds we’ve made with them. They bring us so much joy. We take a lot of pride that we can give them a quality life right here in our backyard.”

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