Sadie-Girl Farm: A Modern Homestead Focused On Rainbow Eggs

Julie Kirchner of the North Carolina-based venture tells us all about the joys of living with chickens and quail.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Sadie Girl Farm

Julie Kirchner is proud to call herself a “crazy chicken lady.” Presiding over Sadie-Girl Farm in western North Carolina, Kirchner spends her time tending to pasture-raised specialty chickens and quail. She also broadcasts her adventures in homesteading to the world via her social media accounts, which brim with photos of eye-catching colored eggs and adorable chicks.

We spoke to Kirchner about her interest in poultry and the benefits of living a homestead-focused lifestyle. We also got into the requirements for official crazy chicken lady status.

Learning to Love Rural Life

Kirchner’s interest in farming and homesteading began with horses. “I was a kid from the suburbs but I was a horse crazy kiddo who bugged her parents for riding lessons at an early age,” she explains. “I eventually went on to study equine studies in college for a bit and it was a natural next step to love on more farmy animals.”

After working on a 1,100 acre farm on campus at the Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, Kirchner gained behind-the-scenes insights into farm living: “I was hooked and never looked back!”

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Becoming a Crazy Chicken Lady

On her popular Instagram account, Kirchner proudly calls herself a “crazy chicken lady.” She says it’s a plaudit that involves “naming all your chickens and saving special kitchen scraps for them that you know they will love.” She adds that Prada is obsessed with snacking on grapes, while Henry is all about noodles.

“I talk to them while I am working because I usually work alone and I swear they understand,” she adds. “Basically you have to love your chickies as a part of your family, getting to know their unique personalities and spoiling them rotten of course!”

Focusing on Chickens and Quail

Sadie-Girl Farm is centered around chickens and quail. Kirchner says she decided on this combination due to the smaller size of her one-acre land.

“I love all the animals but our somewhat suburban homestead dictates our animals,” she says. “Especially the quail [because] they are uniquely suited to a smaller space. But I love our smaller parcel because I can relate to others who are wanting to do this homestead thing and be more self sufficient in a more urban environment.”

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Living With Quail

On a daily basis, Kirchner says that quail are “amazing” to live around. “They are quieter than chickens but make these little cheepy sounds and even a purring sound when they are happy,” she explains. “They dart around and hop and peck. It is so fun to watch them!”

Kirchner also adds that her quail love taking dust baths and enjoy snacking on cucumbers and tomatoes.

A Smorgasbord of Vibrant Eggs

The chickens at Sadie-Girl Farm have become renowned for the vivid-colored eggs they produce. Kirchner says that, right now, the dark olive eggs are the most popular with her customers.

“They are just so unique!” she says, adding that people love to show the eggs off to their family and pals. “When I bring friends a dozen rainbow eggs when I go to their house, it instantly becomes a conversation starter.”

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