American Mammoth Jackstock Donkeys

A threatened breed, the versatile, strong American Mammoth Jack can be used as a draft animal, as well as for riding and more.


Photo Credit: Courtesy Birkenholz Stock Farm


Use: The Mammoth Jack’s main purpose is to produce mules for various uses. The lighter Jacks are often used to create saddle mules, while heavier boned Jacks are used for draft mules. Mammoth Jacks wholesale nfl jerseys are also ridden and can easily carry a rider. The breed is also shown in a variety of classes at Making donkey shows, including donkey pleasure and harness. They also make good trail mounts.


History: The American Mammoth Jackstock was developed in the United States by cross-breeding of large European donkeys with American and Mexican stock. These donkeys were initially bred before the Revolutionary War. They became valuable for their ability to sire mules with size, strength and vitality for use in agriculture and transportation. George Washington received an Andalusian jack and two jennets from the King of Spain in 1785, marking the beginning of good fortune for the Mammoth Jack. These quality donkeys became the foundation stock for the modern cheap mlb jerseys Mammoth Jack breed. Types arose cheap jerseys online within the Mammoth Jack breed as a result wholesale jerseys of the different kinds of mules needed construction in various areas of the country. Other circumstances also influenced regional type when it came to Mammath Jacks. The result is that several different types of Mammoth cheap mlb jerseys Jacks can be seen today.

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Conformation: In order to be registered with the American Mammoth Jackstock Registry, Mammoth Jacks must stand 14.2 hands or higher at the withers, while jennets can be 14 hands or higher. The tallest known Mammoth stood 17 hands. Mammoth Jacks typically weigh from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds. Mammoth Jacks should be well proportioned and have good Garden bone. They have large heads and well-muscled necks, and a strong loin and full hips. They come in black, sorrel, roan, dun and spotted.


Special Considerations/Notes: Mammoth Jacks are listed as “threatened” by w4l3XzY3 the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. A Males are rarely gelded because of the animal’s value as breeding stock.

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