An Earth Day Guide To Renewable Energy & The Farm

April 22 is Earth Day, the perfect day to ponder adding renewable energy sources to your farm. Check out our roundup of renewal energy insights.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

April 22 is Earth Day, the perfect day to ponder adding renewable energy sources to your farm.

Maybe you want to source all your electricity needs from solar panels. Maybe you live in a windy region and want to use wind turbines to generate electricity, or a windmill to pump water. Maybe you’re looking to reduce heating and cooling costs with a geothermal system for your home.

In any instance, Hobby Farms has you covered with this Earth Day roundup of renewal energy insights:

Living Off the Grid: Create Renewable, Farmable Energy 

For an in-depth look at solar and wind energy, culminating with a mini-case example illustrating power production and cost, check out this detailed piece. An important takeaway? You can still be on the grid even while powering your farm with renewable energy sources.

Solar Power Basics, From Financing to Installation (& More)

If capturing the power of the sun has captured your attention and you want to learn more about financing and installing the necessary equipment, this article has you covered.

Bringing Solar Power to Your Farm

Here’s another look at solar energy options, with details on the pros and cons of going off-grid versus staying tied to the grid.

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Solar Power & Sustainable Farming Power This Couple

If you want to be inspired by the possibilities of solar power, read the story of this Kentucky couple and their sustainable farm.

DIY Solar Panels Put the Power in Your Hands

Have you ever considered building your own solar panels? If you’re unafraid of complex DIY projects, this article is a good starting point in explaining the process and requirements.

Harvesting the Sun: A Guide to Leasing Land to Solar Developers

In some cases, leasing your land for the construction of solar arrays can be a sensible endeavor. We’ve got all the details here.

Go Off-Grid With a Solar-Powered Chicken Coop

To power lights and ventilation in your chicken coop, why not set up a small solar system?

Solar Fence Chargers: Pros and Cons

Electric fences can be powered by solar fence chargers. But of course there are pros and cons to going off-grid with your fencing. We break it all down here.

Use a Solar-Powered Portable Electric Fence to Pasture Your Pigs

This story about keeping pigs inside a solar-powered electric fence provides a real-world example of the benefits offered by solar fence chargers.

4 Reasons You Need a Portable Power Station

A portable power station uses a battery to charge USB devices, power AC outlets and more. The best part is, a portable power station can be charged with solar panels, making it an off-the-grid power option.

Bringing Back the Windmill

Windmills provide an electricity-free means of pumping water from underground. They’re also part of the classic farmland aesthetic. To learn about the benefits of windmills, check out this in-depth guide.

Wind Energy Pros and Cons

Windmills are great for pumping water, but what if you want to generate electricity with wind turbines? Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to wind energy. This story breaks down the advantages and disadvantages.

Geothermal Systems for Your Home

By capitalizing on the consistent temperatures found underground, geothermal heating and cooling systems can heat and cool your home at a lower cost than more traditional methods. Plus, they reduce carbon dioxide emissions and don’t require sunny or windy weather, as this article outlines.

Make Plans for Earth Day

You can celebrate Earth Day year round by adopting Earth-friendly practices around your farm, around your house, and in your life and community. This story gets you started with lengthy lists of ideas. Enjoy!

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