chicken beak trim trimming

How to Trim a Chicken’s Beak

A chicken’s beak is vital to food access, establishing social status, mating and preening. If it gets overgrown, here’s how to trim it so that it’s useable.

hack hacks

15 Hacks for Your Hobby Farm

Sometimes a tried-and-true solution won’t work, and you have to hack your way into a new idea. Here are hacks designed for hobby farms.

books chickens hobby farming

7 Books Aimed at Helping Hobby Farmers

These selections cover areas including chickens, vegetable crops, container gardening, women hobby farmers, homesteading and aquaponics.

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How to Prevent Eggs From Rotting

Eggs can turn bad for many reasons. Here’s how to recognize—and prevent—the conditions that cause these odiferous ovals before it’s too late.