Animal Costume Do’s and Don’ts

It’s almost Halloween, so I bet you’re thinking about what your animals will wear for dress up this year.

by Martok

It’s almost Halloween, so I bet you’re thinking about what your animals will wear for dress up this year. You’re not? You should! We animals love costumes, too!

Mom and Dad are always on the lookout for cool things for us to wear for holiday photo sessions and taking pictures for photo cards. Costumed-animal pictures tend to make humans smile.

Mom says good places to find fun and inexpensive animal dress-up stuff are at yard sales and thrift stores. After-holiday sales at department stores are fertile pickings, too. I take her word for it—I’m not a shopper, but wearing what she finds is so much fun!

Costumes that slip on over the top of the head, like my cool devil’s horns, fit most animals, and they aren’t very scary to wear. Reindeer antlers and Santa hats abound at Christmas time, but also think outside the box. Try an old wedding veil from a thrift shop for your donkey or a lumberjack’s hat with holes cut in it for your goat’s ears. Sometimes adding an elastic chin strap to hold things on makes good sense, especially if your animal wears his outfit while walking around. Don’t try a mask if your animal pal is nervous, and if you do, make sure your animal can still see out.

Dog clothes are especially tailored for animals, and you can buy cute Halloween costumes that really fit. But human clothes can work for animals, too. You just need to cut holes where needed, like openings for tails and back legs.

And don’t forget to make use of wreaths to hang around our necks! Christmas wreaths are good, but floral wreaths and autumn wreaths made of leaves and vines work, too.

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Gradually introduce these costumes to your animal so you don’t scare him, and be sure to have him on a lead at first, just in case. If you take your time, your animals will learn to love costumes like I do! Check out some pictures below from around our farm.

Martok devil horns
Photo by Sue Weaver
Don’t I look scary in my devil horns? Headpieces like these are easy for animals to wear.


Martok mask
Photo by Sue Weaver
I don’t mind wearing a face mask at Halloween to give my barnyard friends a scare, but other animals might not like it, so be careful if you want to dress your them in this kind of costume. Make sure the mask has holes for the eyes and nose so he can see and breath!


Esme princess costume
Photo by Sue Weaver
Esme likes girly costumes, so Mom dressed her up in this princess costume she found at a thrift store.


Uzzi Christmas costume
Photo by Sue Weaver
On our farm, we dress up for Christmas-card photos. Here Uzzi gets in the holiday spirit with a red-and-green headpiece.

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