The Honest Truth About Marans, 3 More Chicken Breeds (Pt. 3) 

Looking at four more popular chicken breeds, we discuss real-life experiences keeping Dutch Booted Bantams, Japanese Bantams, Polish and Marans.

4 Apps To Help Manage The Farm From Your Phone

Notebooks may be the proven way to track farm data, but you can manage your whole farm right from your phone with handy apps like these!

The Mangalitsa Pig May Be The Perfect Porker

The woolly, low-maintenance Mangalitsa pig provides succulent meat for a small farm. Here's what you need to know to start raising these heritage hogs.

Cattle Feeding Basics: Evaluate Your Energy

In this ongoing look at the basics of feeding cattle, we turn our attention to energy: what it means, what delivers this component and providing it to your herd.

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