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Getting Started: Legal Outlooks On Egg Sales

When your flock produces more than you can eat or give away, it might be time to look into egg sales. Just make sure you're following local laws.

Ana HotalingMay 12, 2021
Totally Teeth: Dental Care For Livestock (Part 1)

Dental care is an essential part of keeping livestock, so in this first of a two-part series, we take a look at different animals and how to care for their teeth.

Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds Bring Flexibility To The Coop

Dual-purpose chicken breeds are great for both laying eggs and providing meat for the dinner table. Here are some of the most popular breeds.

Getting Started: When Pullets Reach Point Of Lay

When your hens reach point of lay, you may encounter some unexpected eggs or behaviors. But don't worry—here's what can happen and what you should do.

Black Copper Marans & Purple Speckled Eggs Abound At May Blooms Acreage

May Blooms Acreage founder Vanessa Takmazian tells us how she's fulfilled her lifelong farming dreams at the British Columbia-based organic venture.

Getting Started: Chick Issues & What To Do

There are a few common chick issues you may encounter while brooding your babies, so keep an eye out for these conditions and be ready to act!

Ana HotalingApril 28, 2021
20 Chicken Breeds To Consider In 2021

Looking for a new chicken breed to try out in the coop this year? We rounded up 20 of the best breeds to add to your flock in 2021!

Grow Your Own Livestock Feed With These Garden Crops!

Raising livestock is satisfying, but the feed bill can be jarring, so use your garden space to grow these powerful crops and save some green.

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