12 Chicken Ornaments To Decorate Your Poul-TreeĀ 

Add a festive flock touch to your holiday tree with these whimsical chicken ornaments, the perfect poultry decor to warm up the special season.

Some Chicken Home Remedies Are Better Than Others

When it comes to home remedies, the list is long for treatments to help chicken ailments. However, not all are as effective as you may be led to believe.

Protect Your Chicken Coop From Common Predators

Chicken predators can wreak havoc on a flock, so protect your coop and run from common predators using the following tips and techniques.

Ducks Can Bring Real Value To The Backyard

Chickens are the standard egg layers, but ducks can bring distinct value to the backyard, too, in the form of eggs, pest control, entertainment and more!

Video Round Up: 5 Favorite Hobby Farms Stories

We rounded up 5 of our favorite Hobby Farms video stories from the past year. Check them out, then dig into all the great video content from our contributors!

More Points To Remember When Moving Chickens Across State Lines

You can (probably) bring your chickens when moving, but there are rules to follow. In addition to what we've already covered, keep these things in mind.

Meat Goats Are Great For Small Farms!

Sure, goats are great for milk and fiber, but many breeds can be raised on small and compact farms to provide healthy, delicious meat for the freezer.

Video: Feed Your Ruminants Right In Fall & Winter

Breeding season is in full swing, and your pastures are likely full of dead grass, too, so here's how to feed your ruminants in fall and winter.

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