Find Your Poultry Purpose Before Building A Flock

It's too easy to get swept up in the cuteness of Chick Day purchases, so take the time to figure out your poultry flock plan before chicken math takes over.

5 Tips For Effective Poultry Showmanship

Poultry showmanship isn’t just for kids. These 5 tips will help both the young and young at heart prepare for the upcoming exhibition season. 

The Basics Of Egg Incubation & Hatching Chicks

If you have a rooster, egg incubation could be a viable way to grow your flock. Here are some basics for getting started with hatching your own chicks.

Video: Biting Lice In Sheep: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Biting lice are just one of the parasites that can infest sheep or other ruminants, so check out this video for signs, symptoms and treatment options.

Say Cheese! For Recent Reader Livestock Photos

This round of Say Cheese contenders includes a curious calf, cuddly kitten, grinning goats and much more, so check out this photo roundup from Hobby Farms readers!

Indian Runner Ducks Make Winsterman Family Farm Shine

Makayla Winsterman from the Nebraska-based Winsterman Family Farm tells us how her ducks take on pest control duties and introduces a very special farm cat.

Burning Question: What’s The Perfect Chicken Coop?

It's one of the most popular questions and has no easy answer: What's the perfect chicken coop? Here are a few factors to determine the right coop for you.

Buying A Bull? Here Are Some Tips For Making The Choice

For many, the purchase of a bull is worth the investment, but take your time and follow these tips when buying a bull for your herd.

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