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Hen Or Rooster: Can Egg Shape Predict A Chick’s Sex?

Pointy eggs, round eggs—can egg shape tell you anything about the sex of the chick inside the shell? We take a look at the answer.

Ana HotalingSeptember 15, 2021
What You Should Know Before Buying Your First Horse

Buying your first horse is an exciting time for a farm owner, but you need to keep a few things in mind before making an equine investment.

Use Pigs To Improve Your Soil & Landscape

Want to change your landscape? Pigs will happily root up soil, clear invasive plants and more to bring new life to old fields and pastures.

Check Out These 5 Funky Chicken Coop Designs!

Looking for new ideas for your next chicken coop? These cool designs are funky, functional and sure to inspire your next coop build!

Is Wet Food Right For Your Flock Of Chickens?

People are talking about feeding wet food to their chickens. And while there are some reasons to consider it, there are drawbacks as well.

Ana HotalingSeptember 8, 2021
Pasture Permaculture Is Just A Matter Of Good Grazing

Pasture permaculture is a matter of good grazing—working with the land and managing livestock use to ensure soil regenerates for future yields.

Hoofin It Part 3: Dealing With Foot Rot In Livestock

Foot rot is a common cause of lameness in our livestock. Here's what causes it, how to recognize the condition and steps for treating it quickly.

Start Raising Beef Cattle To Meet Your Meat Needs

Interested in raising your own beef cattle but unsure where to start? Once you learn these important tips, you'll be ready for a rewarding livestock experience.

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