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Breed Profiles: Get To Know Oberhasli & Boer Goats

Two easy-keeping goat breeds—one dairy, the other meat—the Oberhasli and Boer make great additions to many small farm operations.

Goats Have Dental Needs, Too, So Watch Those Teeth!

While not as dental intensive as some other livestock animals, goats can have issues with their teeth that can impact overall health. Here's what to watch for.

Control Chicken Ectoparasites For A Healthy Flock

Ectoparasites, which feed on your birds' exterior features, can wreak havoc on a chicken flock, so follow these tips to keep your coop free of uninvited bugs.

A Border Collie Is A Farmhand For The Small Sheep Flock

Want a sheepdog that will make shepherding easier and enhance your life with companionship and a ready-made community? A Border Collie will serve you and your sheep well!

A First-Aid Kit Checklist To Keep Sheep In Tip-Top Shape

Sheep, like all livestock, sometimes suffer from illness or injury, so it's important to have the right tools in your first-aid kit to keep your flock safe and healthy.

Therapy Chickens Can Bring Calm To The Coop

You've heard of emotional support animals, but did you know that therapy chickens can add peace and comfort during times of depression or anxiety? They can!

Hobby Farms HQJanuary 13, 2021
Photo Gallery: Chickens Magazine Shutterclucks Winners

These winsome birds, recent entries in the Shutterclucks contest in Chickens magazine, are sure to put a smile on your face (and some eggs in the nesting box).

Hobby Farms HQJanuary 13, 2021
Photo Gallery: I Love My Goat Contest Winners

We asked for goat photos, and you delivered. Check out the winner of our I Love My Goat contest and scroll through the gallery of runners up!

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