Goats Are Part Of The Family At Wild Rose Farm

Wild Rose Farm founder Jessica Lubic tells us how her goats helped clear up acres of blackberry bushes and weeds—and now provide delicious on-farm dairy.

7 Ways To Prepare Your Chicken For The Fair 

It's fair season! Follow these seven tips for a good time when exhibiting your poultry at the local fair this year. Who knows—maybe you'll even win a prize.

Chicken Chat: A Little Brown Hen In Hawaii

When feral chickens made a home in Cindi Fontanilla's yard in Kalaheo, Hawaii, the birds and their babies brought joy and a sense of purpose with them.

Chickens Love These Tasty, Nutritious Wild Herbs

Boost your chickens' nutrition without breaking the bank by foraging these common wild herbs, many of which may already be in your yard.

Abnormal Eggs Your Chickens Might Lay

Abnormal eggs are, in fact, a normal part of keeping chickens. Here are some common weird eggs, how they happen and what they can mean.

Sheepdog Trials: When Farm Partners Compete

Sheepdog trials present an opportunity to see how a working animal compares to others, and the experience can improve things in home pastures, too.

Can You Identify This Mystery Chicken Breed?

This rare Mediterranean mystery chicken breed is named for its distinctive comb, and the heritage bird is both fast-maturing and a peerless free-ranger.

Make Sure Your Chickens Always Have Plenty Of Water

How important is fresh water to chickens? Very, in fact, as hydration is key to egg production, healthy body functions and even poultry life itself.

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