Now’s The Time To Clean Up Bluebird Boxes, Other Birdhouses

Late fall is perfect for removing old nest material from bluebird boxes and performing general maintenance to prepare birdhouses for spring.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Your Chickens Can (& Can’t) Have

After you've enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast, you may think to toss your chickens the leftovers. But not all foods are poultry safe, so mind these rules to keep your flock healthy.

An Old Playhouse Converted To One Cool Coop!

When this Tennessee family decided to raise chickens and ducks, they converted an old playhouse into one very cool coop for their poultry additions!

Take Steps To Prevent Shipping Fever In Goats

Follow these steps to protect your goats against shipping fever, a collection of ailments commonly associated with transporting livestock.

Getting Cattle Ready For Cold Winter Weather

Get ready for winter now, before the weather gets really bad, to ensure your cattle stay healthy and safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Winter Boredom Busters For Chickens Straight From Our Farm

When winter weather sets in, it's easy for chickens to experience boredom—and that can get dangerous. So try these four enrichment ideas to keep your flock entertained.

Breed Profile: Get To Know The Australian Shepherd

A widely respected stock dog with a reputation for an intense nature, the Australian Shepherd makes a valuable addition to the livestock pasture.

Tips For Prepping Pigs For Winter Weather

If you choose to keep pigs over the winter, you'll need to prepare their shelter and water dispensers, as well as plan for their health needs, before cold hits.

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