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Video: Performing A Late-Summer Hive Check

Winter's a rotten time to find out your bees are in trouble, so performing a late-summer hive check is critical to cold-weather success.

Smartphone Apps For Plants, Bees, Chickens & More

Whether you're a homesteader, small farmer, chicken-keeper or backyard gardener, these smartphone apps can make life a little easier.

5 Ways To Use Your Excess Honey Harvest

You can use honey for more than putting on toast or oatmeal. Make the most out of your excess honey with these five tips.

Consider These Things Before You Start Beekeeping

Think you may want to start beekeeping? Get ready first, as there's more to it than just setting and forgetting a hive.

Phil CraftJune 22, 2020
A Look At Colony Collapse Disorder In 2020

The good news is that colony collapse disorder isn't the threat it was years ago. The bad news? It's still not easy to be a bee.

Astor Apiaries: Leading The Urban Beekeeping Movement

Nick Hoefly of the New York City-based Astor Apiaries tells us how he turned a beekeeping hobby into a successful business.

An Old World Wonder: Visiting Jacobs Heritage Farm

Jacobs Heritage Farm is the place to find exceptional honey, eggs, meat and more, with a nod to times and places gone by.

Beekeeper DIY: How to Make Beeswax Candles

Many beekeepers take advantage of fall and winter to make use of harvested products. Here are instructions for making candles in jars from beeswax.

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