The Mangalitsa Pig May Be The Perfect Porker

The woolly, low-maintenance Mangalitsa pig provides succulent meat for a small farm. Here's what you need to know to start raising these heritage hogs.

Cattle Feeding Basics: Evaluate Your Energy

In this ongoing look at the basics of feeding cattle, we turn our attention to energy: what it means, what delivers this component and providing it to your herd.

Katahdins Are A Native, Easy-Keeping Sheep Breed

Katahdins are a resilient native sheep breed that do excellent on pasture, bringing benefits from yard management to meat production, milk and more!

Control Parasitic Worms In Sheep With FAMACHA

FAMACHA can help you control worms in a sheep flock without overusing medication, and free certification courses ensure you're scoring your animals right.

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