Buying A Bull? Here Are Some Tips For Making The Choice

For many, the purchase of a bull is worth the investment, but take your time and follow these tips when buying a bull for your herd.

Livestock Love: Our Picks For Hobby Farms Breeds

Considering raising animals but unsure where to start? We rounded up some of our favorite livestock breeds for you to consider!

Lessons Learned From Bottle-Feeding A Lamb

Bottle-feeding a lamb should never be your first option, but it's important to know how to feed a rejected or orphaned lamb in case it becomes necessary.

The Curious, Comical & Mischievous Goats Of Udder Chaos

Bria Stambaugh from Udder Chaos, a North Carolina-based hobby farm, tells us about the joys of surrounding yourself with goats.

The Miniature Cattle Craze Is Bigger Than Ever

Easier to keep due to smaller size and docility, miniature breeds of cattle are all the rage these days. Here's what to know when considering going small.

Breeding Soundness Exams: A Primer

Breeding your animals this spring? Consider utilizing a breeding soundness exam to evaluate your livestock's reproductive capacity.

Using GPS Collars On Your Livestock Guardian Dogs (Video)

Livestock guardian dogs are invaluable farm helpers, but if roaming becomes an issue you can try a GPS collar that trains and contains animals in a set area.

6 Books About Keeping Cattle For Beef, Milk & More

These six books offer invaluable advice for anyone curious about starting with cattle, from keeping a beef herd to milking cows to butchering and more.

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