Start Now For A Successful Fall Lambing Season

May and June are the months to start your fall lambing season, so follow these tips to ensure your flock's safe and successful lambing in autumn.

Breed Profile: Meet The Valais Blacknose Sheep

An established breed with newfound popularity (due to social media and importation changes), the Valais Blacknose Sheep could be a great choice for your farm!

These Tools Are Essential For Keeping Cattle

Cattle can be easy keeping livestock, but having the right tools is essential to effective herd management and wellness. Here are our equipment recommendations for cattle.

Keep Sheep? Here Are Ways To Reduce Hay Loss

If you have sheep, you no doubt feel the pain of wasted hay too often. That stuff isn't cheap! Here are some tips for minimizing hay loss in your flock.

The Importance Of Livestock Newborn Umbilical Care

Livestock umbilical care is an easy, effective way to ensure a good start to life for newborn animals. Here's what to know about managing your young livestock's belly button.

Common Questions & Answers About Keeping A Bull

If you're still on the fence about buying a bull, check out these common questions and answers about keeping one or more bulls in your pastures.

Video: Weaning Lambs Safely, Slowly & Steadily

Weaning lambs and kids is a natural step in raising ruminants, but keep these important things in mind to ensure the health of both offspring and mothers.

Gentle Natured Kunekune Pigs Star At Jach’s Farm

The International Kunekune Hog Registry-certified pigs of Austin-based Jach's Farm get by with a little help from a dog named Bandit.

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