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Totally Teeth: Dental Care For Livestock (Part 2)

Livestock can suffer from different teeth and mouth maladies, from uneven wear to bacterial infections, so watch for these issues to save your animals unnecessary pain.

Angora Goats Bring Colorful Fleece To Small Farms

Once powerhouse fiber producers in the American Southwest, today's Angora goats are small-farm favorites for their naturally colored fleeces.

Breed Profile: The Berkshire Pig Is An Excellent Animal

Once the preferred pigs of upper-class farmers and royals, today the Berkshire pig is popular with small farmers for its excellent meat and ease of keeping.

Spring Means New Lambs For This First-Time Shepherd!

With the arrival of 13 lambs on the farm, this first-time shepherd had her hands full. Here's what she did to ensure the birth of healthy, happy lambs.

Breed Profile: Get To Know Highland Cattle

The oldest registered breed of cattle, Highland cattle are versatile livestock with exceptional browsing abilities, distinctive beef yields and a calm disposition.

Breed Profile: Meet The Idaho Pasture Pig

First offered as breeding stock in 2012, the Idaho Pasture Pig matures at a compact size and was bred to graze, rather than root, when kept on pasture.

Lambing Season: An Overview Of What You’ll Need

Lambing season is an exciting time of any shepherd's life, and being prepared with everything from towels to mentorship makes the experience even better.

Totally Teeth: Dental Care For Livestock (Part 1)

Dental care is an essential part of keeping livestock, so in this first of a two-part series, we take a look at different animals and how to care for their teeth.

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