Help! My Hen Thinks She’s A Rooster!

A flock of hens will naturally establish a pecking order, but in some instances it's possible for a hen to develop the traits and behaviors of a rooster.

5 Reasons To Consider A Necropsy After Animal Death

When an animal dies, a necropsy can provide a wealth of information that may help your other animals. Here are some considerations for having a necropsy done.

I See Chickens Everywhere, Part 3: Viva Las Vegas

I wasn't looking for chickens on a recent trip to Las Vegas—I swear! But a chance encounter with a confection opened my eyes to poultry all over Sin City.

4 Chicken Coop Improvements For 2022

The new year is a great time to plan projects for chicken coop improvements that will benefit you and your birds. Here are four I plan to tackle in 2022.

Therapeutic Chickens Get Mischievous At Linguini Beans

Christina Robinson from Linguini Beans tells us about some of the hijinks her chickens (including farm star, Henrietta) love to get up to on the homestead.

Protect Your Poultry & Chicken Coop From Predators

There are a great many predators who would love to dine out in your chicken coop. Here's how to eliminate the threats, from scaring animals away to locking them out.

Breed Profile: Onagadori Chickens Are Striking & Super Rare

One of the rarest chicken breeds in existence, the Onagadori is a Japanese chicken with tail feathers that can reach over 20 feet long!

From Humble Village Poultry To Today’s Backyard Chickens

Those pampered hens in your backyard can be traced back to domesticated jungle fowl, striking birds historically kept as village poultry around the world.

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