This Handmade Chicken Home Is One Cool Coop!

Made with reclaimed wood and built for chicken health, keeping ease and aesthetic value, this coop makes one cool home for a pampered flock!

5 Protein Sources You Can Offer Molting Chickens

This time of year, egg production drops while chickens are molting—shedding old feathers to produce new ones. Here's how you can help them through seasonal molt.

Make DIY Chicken Treats For A Happy, Healthy Flock

Give your flock something special with these tasty (and healthy) DIY chicken treats. They're easy to make and sure to get your girls excited!

Some Chicken Behavior Can Be Downright Wacky!

Some chicken behavior can be downright wacky, which is definitely the appeal of backyard poultry for many. Check out some weird things your birds may do.

Successful Incubator Egg Hatching Starts With Your Phone

Adding a smart temperature and humidity controller to your incubator will cost you less than $50, but the devices might just save your next hatch.

Get Your Hands Dirty With Quarter Acre Farm

Kallie Sizemore of Quarter Acre Farm tells us how her chicken-focused farming adventure has become a form of beneficial growing therapy.

Book Review: “The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, Revised Edition”

The revised edition of Harvey Ussery’s “The Small-Scale Poultry Flock” is an expanded guide to all-natural chicken-keeping for a variety of purposes.

Robin HackettSeptember 16, 2022
Beyond Poultry Keeping: Becoming An NPIP Tester

If you love chickens but can't commit to full-time education, consider becoming an NPIP tester to monitor disease spread among chicken flocks.

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