Raise Broilers Right For Great Meat, Good Quality Of Life

With a few precautions, you can improve your meat chickens’ health and quality of life as they develop. Here are some tips for raising broilers right.

Cuddly Chicks & Marshy The Duck Populate The Clucking Sisters Farm

Dominique Leal from the California-based farm The Clucking Sisters breaks down the personalities that sparkle in her backyard flock.

Is Your Broody Hen Too Young To Hatch Eggs?

If your hen keeps smashing eggs you hope you hatch, your girl may (for a few reasons) be just too young to serve as a broody. Here's why.

How To Manage Sticktight Fleas In Your Chicken Flock

Sticktight fleas are smaller and less mobile than common fleas, and the parasites love chickens and other poultry. Here's how to prevent or manage an infestation in a flock.

What’s The Average Lifespan Of Chickens, Anyway?

How long does a chicken live? If cared for properly, chickens can have a lifespan of a decade or more, producing eggs for much of that time.

Rats In The Chicken Run?! How To Get & Keep Them Out

Safeguarding your hens' environment against intruding rats is critically important. But what happens if rats get in the chicken run anyway?

Check Out This Cozy Greenhouse Chicken Coop!

In Maine, raising chickens can be daunting, but putting the chicken coop and run in a greenhouse keeps things cozy and safe.

Interested In Raising Turkeys? Learn From Our Turkey Tales

Holidays and special dinners are just better with homegrown turkey on the table, but keep these things in mind when considering getting heritage turkeys of your own.

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