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Include These Items In Your Chicken First-Aid Kit

Expect the unexpected when it comes to your flock's health with a well-stocked chicken first-aid kit. Here's what to include to keep your chickens healthy.

Bruce IngramAugust 3, 2021
Can Chickens Talk? Yes, & They Have Lots To Say

Through a mixture of verbal noises and non-verbal behaviors and cues, chickens have a rich vocabulary, from warning of dangers to naming their keeper.

Frank HymanAugust 2, 2021
Keep Your Chickens Safe From Threat Of Wildfires

The U.S. has seen increased wildfires in recent years, which reminds us to keep our chickens safe from fire, as well as chemical effects of ash and pollutants.

How To Show Your Chicken At A Poultry Exhibition

Expand your chicken-keeping hobby by showing at a poultry exhibition. Here's how to find, sign up for and (hopefully) win with your bird at shows!

How To Help Chickens Deal With Heat Stress On Hot Days

Phew, it's hot! And for your chickens, heat waves can mean heat stress—a potentially dangerous condition. Here are some ways to help your birds stay cool.

Ana HotalingJuly 28, 2021
Electric Fencing Can Protect & Contain Your Chickens

There are different ways to protect chickens against predators, but electric fencing is one popular and effective method. Here's how to get started with electrified poultry protection.

Can You Take A Vacation From Your Chickens? Yes!

You can have it all—a friendly flock of chickens and a relaxing vacation away from home. Here are some tips for getting away without getting in trouble.

Pam FreemanJuly 21, 2021
Get The Egg Colors You Want With These Chicken Breeds

Spice up your brown and white egg basket with some color. From blue to pink, green to yellow, you can get a rainbow of egg colors with the right chickens!

Ana HotalingJuly 21, 2021

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