Chicken Chat: Losing A Pet Teaches The Value Of Life

Losing a chicken is a difficult experience, but one keeper shares how memories of pet chickens can remind us of how all life is precious.

How To Handle A Dog Around Your Chickens

Wild predators are a sure threat to your chickens, but don't forget that a neighbor's dog (or even your own) can and will kill a beloved bird, too.

How To Control Bugs On & Around Your Chickens

Bugs, who needs ’em? Certainly not chicken-keepers, who sometimes struggle to keep pesky flies and poultry parasites at bay.

Feed Your Chicken Flock Right With These Tips

What you feed, how you supplement and when you treat will make all the difference for your chickens. Follow these tips to feed your flock right!

Chicken Chat: The Chicken Lady & The Rooster

Why did the the rooster cross the road? For Ramsey, for an ice cream cone that led to a new home with a loving chicken lady.

Hog Back Rubs & Impulse Ducks At 30 Acres And A Goat

Rosa Vasquez from the Virginia-based venture talks about how perseverance can produce moments of inspiration on the farm.

These Chicken Breeds Thrive On The Homestead

Not all chicken breeds thrive on all homesteads, but this group of dual-purpose birds typically does very well in a small-farm situation.

Four Ways To Protect Your Chickens From Predators

Are poultry predators causing you problems? Here are four tried-and-true ways to protect your chickens against predatory animals.

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