Say Cheese! For Recent Reader Livestock Photos

This round of Say Cheese contenders includes a curious calf, cuddly kitten, grinning goats and much more, so check out this photo roundup from Hobby Farms readers!

Burning Question: What’s The Perfect Chicken Coop?

It's one of the most popular questions and has no easy answer: What's the perfect chicken coop? Here are a few factors to determine the right coop for you.

Just One Chicken? How To Help With Solitary Survival

It's never ideal to keep just one chicken, but when this chicken-keeper found her beloved rooster flying solo, she followed these steps to ensure winter survival.

What To Do When A New Chick Dies

Not all Chick Days purchases have happy endings. Here’s why a new chick might fall ill and what you should do if your baby peep dies.

6 Things To Watch For During Chick Days

Chick Days bring joy to the local farm-supply store, but inexperienced staff members can make mistakes dangerous to chick health. Here's are six worrying signs to look for.

Shutterclucks: Chickens Editors Choose Reader Photos

In the Jan./Feb. 2023 issue of Chickens magazine, editors chose the best of the flock from submitted reader photos. Enjoy this gallery of beloved backyard chickens!

Developing A Beautiful Egg Rainbow With Ems Eggers

Self-confessed chicken enthusiast Emily Loflin tells us about the joys of raising chicks at Ems Eggers, her Northern California hobby farm. 

Protect Your Flock From Avian Flu With These Simple Tips

Chicken-keepers should stay wary of avian flu, a deadly disease that, though not entirely preventable, can be safeguarded against with a few simple steps.

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