Video: ID Predators With A Simple Scent Station

Wonder what's been sniffing around your chickens and/or crops? This simple scent station will help you identify what predators are out and about.

Can You Identify This Mystery Chicken Breed?

Do you know this mystery chicken breed? With black skin and hair-like feathers, this bantam breed of chickens makes popular poultry for pets and exhibition.

Keeping A Conservation Flock: 3 Threatened American Chicken Breeds

Consider these three threatened American chicken breeds‚ÄĒBuckeye, New Hampshire and Rhode Island White‚ÄĒwhen starting or growing your flock.

Overlooked Health Issues To Watch For In Aging Hens

Time flies, and as the years pass you'll see your aging hens advance from pullet to elder poultry. Here are some aging issues to watch for in older birds.

Digestive Health Is Essential To Chicken Well-Being

Digestive health is one of the most important components of overall chicken well-being, so follow this advice to keep your birds' tract on track.

Video: Make An Affordable DIY Chicken Water Deicer

Fresh water during freezing temps is important for chickens, but commercial deicers can be pricey. This DIY deicer does the job for a lot less.

Chicken Chat: One Girl’s Flock Of Chickens

For Victoria C., the gift of an Easter chick created a love for keeping chickens, leading to a flock of more than 20 backyard birds!

Meet The Little Bundles Of Feathers And Sunshine At Gregs Chicks

A feathered brood named after Disney characters brings light and joy to Gregs Chicks, a Washington-based backyard hobby farm.

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