Rats In The Chicken Run?! How To Get & Keep Them Out

Safeguarding your hens' environment against intruding rats is critically important. But what happens if rats get in the chicken run anyway?

Check Out This Cozy Greenhouse Chicken Coop!

In Maine, raising chickens can be daunting, but putting the chicken coop and run in a greenhouse keeps things cozy and safe.

Keeping Chickens Safe During Spring Cold Snaps

Spring weather can be very unpredictable, so when springtime cold weather hits, protect your chickens and other poultry from the frosty effects.

The Great Chicken Bedding Debate

Though bedding material used in chicken coops may vary by geography and availability, the purpose of providing bedding remains the same: to manage waste and to provide a soft place for chickens to lay eggs.

How To Start Hatching Chicks With An Egg Incubator

If you've got some hens and at least one rooster, you may consider hatching your own eggs with an incubator. Here's a look at some popular models.

The Truth About Chickens & Cannibalism

It's a real question: Is cannibalism common among chickens? And while there is a clear answer, keepers do need to keep an eye out for certain behaviors and conditions.

This Deluxe Coop & Chicken Yard Is Funky By Design

When Tammy L. Haurilick decided to get chickens, she called on friends and her artistic skills to design a funky chicken yard and coop!

Are Opossums Friend Or Foe To Chickens & Their Keepers?

While it's true that opossums sometimes eat eggs and kill chicks and chickens, it's better to safeguard your hens than try to eradicate them from your property.

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