Chicken Rental Services Make Chicken-Keeping Easy

Chicken rental delivers all the fun of keeping backyard hens without costly investments, upkeep concerns or anxiety-inducing ownership commitments.

This Coop De Ville Build Is One Cool Coop!

The cool coop, dubbed the Coop de Ville, is this keeper's first poultry operation, but it was constructed after tons of research and plenty of poultry love.

Important Tips For Traveling With Chickens

Sometimes you need to move your chickens from one point to another, so keep these things in mind when traveling with your birds.

Chickens & Fireworks: Flock Dangers & What You Can Do

Animals don't like fireworks, and that includes chickens, too. Here's what to watch for and what to do if your flock's terrorized by neighborly pyrotechnics.

This Cool Coop Brings Joy To Chickens & Their Keepers

Custom built with cleanliness and comfort in mind, this coop keeps chickens happy and healthy, and brings joy to their Kentucky keepers.

3 Reasons To Use A Laddered Perch For Chickens

A laddered perch allows chickens to express their social hierarchy—a necessity that, when denied, can cause some unhealthy and destructive behavior.

How To Handle A Dog Around Your Chickens

Wild predators are a sure threat to your chickens, but don't forget that a neighbor's dog (or even your own) can and will kill a beloved bird, too.

Chicken Chat: The Chicken Lady & The Rooster

Why did the the rooster cross the road? For Ramsey, for an ice cream cone that led to a new home with a loving chicken lady.

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