This Cool Chicken Coop Keeps It Cool In South Carolina

This hand-built chicken coop is designed to keep the run dry, coop secure and flock comfortable on the South Carolina homestead.

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Gifts & Decor

Looking to liven up the holidays with your poultry passion? Our editors found these 10 items every chicken-keeper should check out!

10 Last-Minute Gifts for Your Chicken-Loving Loved OneĀ 

These last-minute poultry gifts are perfect for the chicken lover in your life and still shipping for timely holiday delivery.

75 Tips For Successful Chicken-Keeping

To celebrate 75 issues of Chickens magazine, we present 75 expert chicken-keeping tips to help you enjoy your backyard poultry!

Warm Your Baby Chicks Without Using Heat Lamps

Raising chicks is fun and rewarding, but you need to provide the right heat to ensure their survival. Here are a few options for warming chicks without a heat lamp.

How To Help Your Chickens Through The Cold Winter

Chickens generally fare fine in winter temperatures, but you can do a few thingsā€”from choosing hardy breeds to checking waterā€”to help your birds keep cool in the cold.

4 Considerations Before Keeping ChickensĀ 

Considering taking the plunge into keeping chickens? Great choice, but mind these four considerations before purchasing your first poultry.

Supplemental Winter Treats Keep Chickens Happy, Healthy

Grow fresh forage in and around the run for your chickens to enjoy throughout the winter to improve nutrition and boost your flock's activity.

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