This Cool Coop Teaches Environmental Responsibility!

Designed by students using reused materials, this cool chicken coop houses chickens that recycle food and yard waste into rich compost for the school garden!

Tips For Keeping Rodents Out Of The Chicken Coop

Rodents are more pest than predator to chickens, but in the coop they can spread disease and cause destruction, so make sure you don't attract mice or rats.

Check Out This Essential Chick Brooder Checklist

New chicks means it's time to check the brooder for drafts, damage and other detrimental conditions. This checklist will get your brooder up and ready for new baby birds!

3 Chicken Feeder Designs To Fit Your Needs & Budget

If you're considering chickens but unsure what feeder is right, check out these 3 chicken feeder types for your needs and budget.

What To Do (& Not Do) When Building A Chicken Tractor

When this chicken-keeper decided to build a DIY chicken tractor using salvaged materials, not everything went smoothly. Here's what worked and didn't in this DIY build.

2 Families, 2 Flocks: Different Plans For Chicken-Keeping

These two families employ very different plans to their chicken-keeping endeavors. Both work well, so read on for tips for your own flock!

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Poultry Products

Check out these fun chicken-themed products, from custom portraits to a welcome mat to a pop-up brooder and more, in this recent General Store roundup!

ID & Defend Your Flock Against Predatory Birds

Aerial predators can take a toll on your flock, so learn how to identify and protect your chickens against predatory birds.

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