125 Farming Tips For Your Hobby Farm In 2023

This year, farm smarter not harder with these 125 tips put together by our contributors in celebration of Hobby Farms' 125th issue!

Explaining The 2023 (Not So) Great Egg Shortage

You no doubt heard there's an egg shortage these days, with grocery prices skyrocketing for a dozen. Here's what's happening and how you can help.

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Gifts & Decor

Looking to liven up the holidays with your poultry passion? Our editors found these 10 items every chicken-keeper should check out!

Shutterclucks: Chickens Editors Choose Reader Photos

In the Nov./Dec. 2022 issue of Chickens magazine, editors chose the best of the flock from submitted reader photos. Enjoy this gallery of beloved backyard chickens!

Chicken Chat: When Chickens Make A Winter Breakout

When this keeper's chickens broke loose on a winter day, the resulting chase led though the trees, to the middle of a frozen-over pond.

Can You Identify This Mystery Chicken Breed?

Do you know this breed? This ancient Japanese chicken with striking tail and distinctly handsome colors and combinations is most often kept as an ornamental breed.

75 Tips For Successful Chicken-Keeping

To celebrate 75 issues of Chickens magazine, we present 75 expert chicken-keeping tips to help you enjoy your backyard poultry!

Warm Your Baby Chicks Without Using Heat Lamps

Raising chicks is fun and rewarding, but you need to provide the right heat to ensure their survival. Here are a few options for warming chicks without a heat lamp.

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