Smart Devices Make Keeping Chickens Easier

These ingenious smart devices handle common poultry-keeping tasks so you can focus on what's important—enjoying your chickens!

Beyond Poultry Keeping: Online Poultry-Science Certification

If you want to learn more about poultry science but don't have time for or access to in-person education, you may consider online poultry science certification programs.

Beyond Poultry Keeping: Learn More In A University Poultry Science Program  

Delve into your love of poultry with an education in poultry science! We look at some program options and what's involved in pursuing further education.

2022 Best Of Cluck Annual Photo Contest Winners!

Check out the winners of our annual 2022 Best of Cluck photo contest. We've got the cutest chick, best hen and rooster and much more!

An Emergency Plan Is Essential To Keeping Chickens

When disaster strikes, it's important to have an emergency plan in place not just for you, but for your chickens, too. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Decor For The Coop & Home

Looking to bring your poultry passion indoors or maybe upgrade the chicken coop? Our editors found these 11 items every chicken-keeper should check out!

7 Ways To Prepare Your Chicken For The Fair 

It's fair season! Follow these seven tips for a good time when exhibiting your poultry at the local fair this year. Who knows—maybe you'll even win a prize.

Chicken Chat: A Little Brown Hen In Hawaii

When feral chickens made a home in Cindi Fontanilla's yard in Kalaheo, Hawaii, the birds and their babies brought joy and a sense of purpose with them.

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