The Honest Truth About Marans, 3 More Chicken Breeds (Pt. 3) 

Looking at four more popular chicken breeds, we discuss real-life experiences keeping Dutch Booted Bantams, Japanese Bantams, Polish and Marans.

The Honest Truth About 4 More Chicken Breeds (Pt. 2)

Continuing with our look at popular breeds, we discuss real-life experiences keeping Araucana, Cochin, Easter Egger and Welsummer chickens.

Let’s Celebrate Chickens On National Chicken Month!

September is National Chicken Month, but there's always a good reason to celebrate your flock. Here are some ways and days to treat your poultry special.

Brush Up On Your Poultry Trivia With These Chicken Facts

Think you know everything there is to know about America’s favorite backyard poultry? Check out these chicken facts and expand your poultry knowledge. 

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