Hats Off To The Redcap! Historic Chicken Makes A Comeback

One of the original dual-purpose birds, the Redcap chicken is slowly starting to make a comeback. Learn more about this historic poultry below.

3 Endangered Ornamental Chicken Breeds

Ornamental breeds of chickens bring pizzazz and companionship to the backyard, so consider one of these endangered breeds to add to your homestead!

4 Critically Endangered Breeds Of Chickens To Consider

As we ready for International Heritage Breeds Week, let's look at four critically endangered breeds of chickens: Campine, Houdan, La Flèche and Malay.

Breed Profile: The Cochin Chicken Stands Out

With its fluffy feathers and gentle demeanor, no other breed of chicken has inspired people to own poultry as has the Cochin, a beautiful Asian bird.

Activities For Kids & Chickens (Book Excerpt)

In this excerpt from "Chicken Keeping Pure + Simple: A Fun, Friendly Guide to Backyard Chicken Keeping," author Nikki Husted provides ideas to engage kids with your flock.

Say Cheese! For Recent Reader Poultry Photos

This round of Say Cheese contenders includes fuzzy bantams, proud roosters, an adorable duckling and much more, so check out these photos from Hobby Farms readers!

The Quality Question When It Comes To Chickens

Competitive poultry breeders use the term "quality" when discussing birds. Here's the difference between show quality, breeder quality and pet quality chickens.

3 Chicken Feeder Designs To Fit Your Needs & Budget

If you're considering chickens but unsure what feeder is right, check out these 3 chicken feeder types for your needs and budget.

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