Winter Care Keeps Chickens Healthy & Comfortable

Winter can be hard on chickens, so here are some basic tips for keeping you flock safe and comfortable during these cold midwinter days and night.

Overlooked Health Issues To Watch For In Aging Hens

Time flies, and as the years pass you'll see your aging hens advance from pullet to elder poultry. Here are some aging issues to watch for in older birds.

Digestive Health Is Essential To Chicken Well-Being

Digestive health is one of the most important components of overall chicken well-being, so follow this advice to keep your birds' tract on track.

Video: Make An Affordable DIY Chicken Water Deicer

Fresh water during freezing temps is important for chickens, but commercial deicers can be pricey. This DIY deicer does the job for a lot less.

Common Chicken Illnesses: Prevention & Treatment

Bookmark this handy guide to common chicken illnesses for best-practice prevention measures and steps to take when poultry start to look unhealthy.

Video: Raise Mealworms To Save Money, Delight Your Chickens

With little cost or effort, you can raise live mealworms to provide your backyard chickens for much less than you'll pay for the store-bought, dried treats.

75 Tips For Successful Chicken-Keeping

To celebrate 75 issues of Chickens magazine, we present 75 expert chicken-keeping tips to help you enjoy your backyard poultry!

Warm Your Baby Chicks Without Using Heat Lamps

Raising chicks is fun and rewarding, but you need to provide the right heat to ensure their survival. Here are a few options for warming chicks without a heat lamp.

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