These 4 Summer Foods Are Toxic To Chickens

Chickens will eat just about anything, so be careful to avoid these 4 common foods, each toxic to poultry, when providing scraps from the kitchen!

Deworming Your Backyard Chickens: The Whys & Hows

Chickens get worms, but the matter of deworming your flock can be complicated. We spoke with experts about when to deworm and how to safely administer antiparasitics.

Can Chickens Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Proper poultry nutrition is essential, but treats can have a lot of benefits, too. Sunflower seeds, if provided carefully, can be an excellent supplemental treats for chickens.

Can You Pasture Goats & Chickens Together?

It just makes sense to pasture goats and chickens together, though there are a few considerations to keep in mind when mixing species.

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