What Do Geese Eat? How To Feed These Popular Waterfowl

Nutrition takes an all-natural turn when it comes to raising geese, an increasingly popular type of poultry. But what, exactly, do geese eat?

Feed Chickens Food Scraps To Reduce Waste (& Your Feed Bill)

It's important to provide appropriate rations for poultry, but your chickens will enjoy food scraps, too. Check out these "free" foods for the coop!

3 Chicken Feeder Designs To Fit Your Needs & Budget

If you're considering chickens but unsure what feeder is right, check out these 3 chicken feeder types for your needs and budget.

Why Don’t Chickens Lay Eggs In The Winter?

In this article, we shed some light on why chickens don't lay eggs in the winter months—and when you can expect your backyard broodies to start again.

How To Give Your Chicken A Belly Rub

Just like dogs and other domestic animals, a chicken will enjoy the occasional belly rub—so long as the bird trusts you to do it right.

Keep Chickens Without Getting Sick With These Tips

“How do I avoid getting sick?” is a common question when folks consider keeping chickens, but you can get poultry without getting sick with some basic precautions.

5 Things To Do If You Receive Easter Chicks

If you should be the unwitting recipient of Easter chicks, here are five things to do to help your surprise poultry survive (and what to do with them).

Dealing With The Pasty Butt Problem In Chicks

When fecal matter hardens, it can cause a blockage to a chick’s gastrointestinal system called pasty butt that, if left uncleaned, can cause the chick to die.

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