Your Avian Influenza Concerns Addressed

Avian influenza is in the news, and that means chicken-keepers have questions. In this article, we try to answer the most common queries from concerned keepers.

How To Try To Revive A Chick With Health Concerns

Sometimes, a newborn chick will experience health struggles and need some help from its keeper. Here are a few ways to revive struggling chicks.

Video: How To Clip Your Chickens’ Wings

Clip your chickens' wings to limit birds' mobility and ability to get into trouble around the farm. It's easy, painless and helpful.

Keeping Chickens Safe During Spring Cold Snaps

Spring weather can be very unpredictable, so when springtime cold weather hits, protect your chickens and other poultry from the frosty effects.

The Great Chicken Bedding Debate

Though bedding material used in chicken coops may vary by geography and availability, the purpose of providing bedding remains the same: to manage waste and to provide a soft place for chickens to lay eggs.

Chickens Get Bad Habits, But You Can Help

There aren't bad chickens, but your birds can certainly develop some bad habits. From egg-eating to sleeping in trees, here are common problems (and what you can do).

Chickens Will Eat It All! (So Be Careful)

What will chickens eat? Honestly, just about anything, so be careful of the few things that can hurt your flock of precious birds.

The Truth About Chickens & Cannibalism

It's a real question: Is cannibalism common among chickens? And while there is a clear answer, keepers do need to keep an eye out for certain behaviors and conditions.

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