Solving Incubation Issues When Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs seems straightforward, and it's a fairly simple project—so long as you follow a few simple rules to ensure success.

How To Try To Revive A Chick With Health Concerns

Sometimes, a newborn chick will experience health struggles and need some help from its keeper. Here are a few ways to revive struggling chicks.

Keeping Chickens Safe During Spring Cold Snaps

Spring weather can be very unpredictable, so when springtime cold weather hits, protect your chickens and other poultry from the frosty effects.

The Great Chicken Bedding Debate

Though bedding material used in chicken coops may vary by geography and availability, the purpose of providing bedding remains the same: to manage waste and to provide a soft place for chickens to lay eggs.

How To Start Hatching Chicks With An Egg Incubator

If you've got some hens and at least one rooster, you may consider hatching your own eggs with an incubator. Here's a look at some popular models.

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Decor For the Coop & Home

Looking to bring your poultry passion indoors or maybe upgrade the chicken coop? Our editors found these nine items every chicken-keeper should check out!

This Deluxe Coop & Chicken Yard Is Funky By Design

When Tammy L. Haurilick decided to get chickens, she called on friends and her artistic skills to design a funky chicken yard and coop!

Tips For Buying Hatching Eggs On Ebay

Buying hatching eggs from Ebay is a great option for building your flock. Jake from White House on the Hill shares his advice.

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