Raise & Market Specialty Poultry For Meat & Profit

Chickens are the obvious poultry choice, but there's a strong market for specialty poultry, too, such as goose, quail, guinea fowl and more.

Chickens? Ducks? Birds Of A Feather Can Flock Together

There are good reasons to keep chickens, ducks or both. Here are some basic pointers for each poultry species when considering adding backyard birds.

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Poultry Products

Check out these fun chicken-themed products, from custom portraits to a welcome mat to a pop-up brooder and more, in this recent General Store roundup!

Check Out This Chick Season Equipment Checklist

It's new flock season for many keepers, but make sure your setup is set up with essential equipment before you bring home spring chicks.

6 Things To Watch For During Chick Days

Chick Days bring joy to the local farm-supply store, but inexperienced staff members can make mistakes dangerous to chick health. Here's are six worrying signs to look for.

Chicken General Store: Winter Chic(k) Decor

Show your poultry pride with these hand-picked chicken selections! Our editors found these 9 items every chicken-keeper should check out.

Video: Make An Affordable DIY Chicken Water Deicer

Fresh water during freezing temps is important for chickens, but commercial deicers can be pricey. This DIY deicer does the job for a lot less.

Chicken General Store: Chic(k) Gifts & Decor

Looking to liven up the holidays with your poultry passion? Our editors found these 10 items every chicken-keeper should check out!

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