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Ducks Are Great Poultry For Both Eggs & Meat

Chickens may be at the top of most poultry-keepers' lists, but you should consider raising ducks, both for their eggs and high-quality meat.

Cold Weather Care For Your Farm’s Livestock

Cold weather is hitting much of the country hard, so here are some pointers for caring for livestock when the mercury drops.

Meet The Honking Geese Running Free At Hoof And Feather

MJ Smith of Southwestern Colorado homestead Hoof And Feather tells us how to get a handle on adding geese to your property.

Animal Nutrition Is Essential To Livestock Health

For healthy livestock that produce the eggs, milk and meat we love, proper animal nutrition is key. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Ducks & Geese Are Great Permaculture Livestock

Livestock can be as beneficial to permaculture farming as horticultural techniques. And ducks and geese bring a wealth of benefits.

How To Harness The Benefits Of Livestock In The Garden

Too often, livestock animals are considered the enemies of a good garden, but different animals bring different benefits to a growing space.

4 Types Of Poultry The Beginning Farmer Should Consider

Chickens are great for the beginning farmer, but consider all four of these birds when establishing a world of poultry on the new farm.

Fresh Duck Eggs Can Provide A Supplemental Income

In Southern Indiana, the farming family of Simple Farm earns a supplemental income from eggs laid by their White Layer Ducks.

Katie BellApril 27, 2020

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