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February 4, 2011


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Use: With Australian Cattle Dogs’ ardent desire to please and their extreme intelligence, they are obedient for cattle herding and other work around the farm.


History: The Australian Cattle Dog was originally bred to heel cattle in Australia’s rough outback, but it’s also an excellent all-around family dog. The dog is a sturdy, compact, symmetrically built, tough working dog with strength, stamina and endurance. The breeds used to develop the Australian Cattle Dog, as documented by Australian officials, were the Dingo, the blue merle Highland Collie, the black-and-tan Kelpie and the Dalmatian.


Conformation: The Australian Cattle Dog has a straight outercoat and a short, dense undercoat. Australian Cattle Dogs are blue or red speckled. Males measure 18 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder, and females measure 17 to 19 inches. An Australian Cattle Dog weighs 35 to 45 pounds.


Special Considerations/Notes: The Australian Cattle Dog breed’s short coats shed moderately, but a weekly brushing keeps hair to a minimum. Like most smart dogs that tend to think for themselves, Australian Cattle Dogs respond well to firm, consistent training. They are excellent watchdogs and enjoy playing. These high-energy dogs need plenty of exercise several times a day.

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