Adam Alexander

Title: Documentary Producer & Writer

Location: United Kingdom

Expertise: Seeds and Vegetables

Adam Alexander is a consummate storyteller, thanks to spending 40 years as an award-winning film and television producer, but his true passion is collecting rare, delicious vegetables from around the world. He lectures widely on his work discovering and conserving endangered garden crops, is a board member of the national charity Garden Organic, and his knowledge and expertise on growing vegetables for seed is highly valued by the Heritage Seed Library, for which he is a seed guardian. Adam shares seeds with other growers and gene banks in the USA, Canada and the EU, and he is currently growing out seed of heritage Syrian vegetables to be returned to the Middle East as part of a program to revive traditional horticulture.


  • He has appeared on Gardeners’ World, the Great British Food Revival, and CNN’s Going Green.

Recent Articles:

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