Sweet Water Foundation Makes a Difference

Photo courtesy Richard Beauchamp Sweet Water Foundation’s educational programs focus on sustainability and hands-on training. Sweet Water Organics, an urban fish and vegetable farm in Milwaukee, Wis., uses aquaponics systems to grow vegetables, herbs, tilapia and perch in what was formerly an abandoned warehouse in the heart of Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. While the farm […]

World’s Largest Rooftop Garden

Photo courtesy of BrightFarms.com The world’s largest rooftop garden is being built in Brooklyn, N.Y. A new hydroponic greenhouse set atop an old warehouse in Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Sunset Park is set to begin construction this fall — and just might transform New York City into the new model for urban agriculture. Announced in April, the […]

Urban-farming Apprenticeships

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock Urban-farming apprenticeships are popping up all over the country. Would-be farmers have a new way to hone their skills while helping to increase access to fresh produce in urban communities: urban-farming apprenticeship programs. They’ve been cropping up across the country with mounting frequency for the past few years, offering specialized, hands-on […]

FoodCorps Combats Childhood Obesity

Photo courtesy FoodCorps FoodCorps fosters child nutrition education through the creation of school gardens. Schoolyard community gardens are the centerpiece of one burgeoning organization’s mission to grow a new generation of participants in the sustainable-food movement. Part of the AmeriCorps network, FoodCorps burst onto the scene last year with support from a federation of partner organizations, including […]

Farmers Markets Move Online

Image courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock The rise in popularity of farmers markets has been a boon for farmers and consumers alike. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there were 7,175 farmers markets operating throughout the country by mid-2011, a 17 percent increase over 2010. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down. But the […]

No Zoning Laws, No Problem? Think Again.

Nicholas Weaver, a resident of Cumming, Ga., did everything right before becoming a backyard beekeeper. The then-13-year-old spoke with his neighbors to make sure they wouldn’t mind some new, buzzing tenants on his family’s property. He went to town meetings and asked if the city had rules about beekeeping. Finally, he checked the local zoning […]

Will San Diego Say Yes?

Photo by Aleigh Acerni Bessie, the miniature LaMancha goat that Dr. Laura Hershey is hoping to bring home. “I would rather live next door to a goat than a Rottweiler,” says San Diego, Calif. resident Dr. Laura Hershey. “Goats make great neighbors.” This comparison — between a sometimes-aggressive breed of dog that’s welcome in Hershey’s […]

Need to Fly the Coop?

Photo by Mathew P. Gonzalez Any urban farmer will tell you that farming is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle — one that includes a number of daily responsibilities, especially when it comes to livestock. There are eggs to collect, goats to milk, weeds to pull, and more. Even during slower seasons, when […]