wild garlic
How To Forage For Wild Garlic

Wild garlic and its other allium cousins are free and abundant on land open to foraging—if you know what to look for.

tapping a black walnut tree
Tap Black Walnut Trees For Sap

Maple trees aren’t the only sugar bushes that can be tapped for sap—here’s how you can make your own walnut syrup.

gardening, plants
UF Hack: Know When To Let It Go

As much as you think you can, it’s impossible to “do it all,” so for your sanity’s sake, gracefully say goodbye to the projects no longer serving you or your homestead.

basil seed drink
UF Hack: Drink Your Basil Seeds

Letting your basil plants go to seed isn’t a bad thing—use the seeds in internationally inspired drinks and desserts.

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