Alli Kelley

Title: Agriculture Focused Entrepreneur

Location: United States

Expertise: Homesteading, Poultry

Alli Kelley is the author of the blog Longbourn Farm, where she tells entertaining stories about country living while making sure her readers get all the important information they need for their farms. Her education and experience give her a qualified and distinct teaching style whether she is talking animals, land or food. Alli Kelley excel at making things simple this applies in the kitchen and on the farm! Alli keep farmstead life low-maintenance and keep things real – showing all aspects of the farm. I use my formal education in agriculture to help you understand farming and ranching.


  • Alli worked in reproductive cloning labs, and during that time I gained a unique and in-depth education on how biotechnology can pair with agriculture to help feed a hungry world.
  • During the master’s program, Alli gained more hands-on experience and a solid understanding of how science and agriculture can work together to increase animal productivity and efficiency.


Alli Kelley is an agriculture focused entrepreneur. She runs a successful food blog, a consulting and coaching business.


Alli Kelley completed a BS degree in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science with an emphasis in Biotechnology and an MS in Animal Nutrition with a focus on Ruminants.

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