Espalier Artwork

Consider espaliering a fruit tree to grow fruit and spice up the look of your urban farm. An espalier is a fruit tree or shrub that has been pruned and trained to grow in a flat, two-dimensional plane. This type of growing can be useful in small, narrow spaces that are common in urban gardens, […]

Resolutions and Goodbyes

‘Tis the time of year to make New Year’s resolutions (unless you’re my husband, who seems strangely immune to the resolution bug). Because we’ll be bidding farewell to good old 2010 and hello to shiny new 2011 in just a few short days, I figured I better get started.

A Nutty Christmas Recipe

I’ve nearly finished the National Geographic book Edible: An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Food Plants (2008), and so thought I’d regale you with a few more interesting facts from the last section I read. Serendipitously (don’t you just love that word?), the category of plant foods covered in this section included some delicious and healthy edibles bound to put on a short-lived appearance at many Christmas parties and feasts this week.


Where did all of this stuff come from? I’m writing this from our living room futon, hemmed in by a somewhat intimidating mini-Grand Canyon of furniture and stacked boxes.

Nature’s Swag

A few weeks ago, a fairly impressive wind storm littered Douglas fir branches around our farm, plus snapped off the dead top of the big, old fir gracing our horses’ pasture. It seemed a shame to let all of those branches go to waste …

A Different Turkey

Now that you’ve hopefully had time to finish your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers (our turkey soup was fabulous, by the way), I thought it might be OK to share a few last pics of my turkeys taken before they were … well … you know.


I started to write a little ode-type thank you blog to our dearly departed turkeys today, but then I remembered the looks on our guests’ faces when I began reminiscing about the turkeys in their living state during Thanksgiving dinner last year.

Fun with Leaves

On a visit last week to our town library, I parked next to a line of ornamental maple trees ablaze with brilliant, sun-struck foliage. Beneath them, a riot of scarlet, crimson and orange leaves covered the ground, free for the taking. (Or so I assumed.) So I grabbed a shopping bag from the car and stuffed it full, a little guiltily—as if I were pilfering rubies instead of dead leaves.

My Favorite (Fall) Things

Today was one of those perfect autumn days that takes my breath away: cool, crisp air; pale-golden beams of sunlight slanting through the firs; the scent of damp alder leaves wafting up as I raked them into piles to toss on the vegetable garden.

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