Drying Herbs 101

I noticed a few days ago that some of our herb stores were getting dangerously low—especially dried oregano, a critical ingredient for the homemade pizza we often make on pizza/movie nights.

Safer Sun Worshipping

After days of experiencing mostly gloom and rain, my family and I finally located that big shiny, scorching hot orb-thing … um, what do you call it again? … down in southern California last week.

Native North Americans

Fed by days of rain, the lush meadows glow a vibrant green on this June afternoon, providing ample forage for the animals grazing hock-deep in the grass.

Rug Hooking Rx

With a sunny forecast on the horizon at last, I had huge plans to conquer the garden this past weekend and celebrate my conquest with a nice, long bike ride.

Return of the Turkeys, Part 1

“Most teens’ moms leave notes like ‘There’s lasagna in the fridge, I’ll be back at six,’” my daughter Kelsey observed today. “My life is so weird.”

Return of the Hummingbirds

About a week ago, I heard a zinging-buzzing sound as a miniscule feathered missile (with a dangerously pointy beak) zipped past my head: the first of our Rufous Hummingbirds come home from wherever they hummer off to for the winter.

A Few (Hundred) More Mouths to Feed

Several months ago, we purchased a Worm Factory Composting Worm Bin System made from recycled plastic right here in Washington.

Stop the Treadmill!

Do you ever feel like you’re running on a treadmill with the speed set too high?

Nettle Cravings

For some reason, I awakened today with a fierce craving for fresh, healthy greens.

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