Winter Solstice

We’ll be two days past the shortest day of the year when you read this, but as I blog right now, here in the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice is today, December 21 (you can blame it on our tilted planet).

Winter Hunger Pangs

The official first day of winter falls on December 21, still several weeks away as I write this, but you would never know it from our weather here in western Washington.

Celebrate National Cat Day

According to the National Cat Day website, tomorrow—October 29—is (how did you guess?) National Cat Day.

A Walk in the Country

You might think after two decades of walking these same country roads surrounding our farm that I’d be bored out of my skull, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Loving Life

I wanted to write about something, anything else, but all I could think about last night, and again this morning, was Chris, and the final words on his Facebook page: “I love life.”

Potato Hunt

It feels a lot like the dyed Easter Egg hunts I loved as a kid, and staged for our daughter when she was little.

The Trouble with Turkeys, Part 1

After three years of raising our own broiler chickens for the table, we decided to make the big (and I mean big) leap to turkeys this year.

Postcard from Italy

I’m writing this from Venezia—or Venice as it’s known in English.

Part 2: Mixed-up Moms

When hatching day came, Velma possessed 7 eggs and Tica had 10 eggs. I think.

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