Organic Equals Sustainability

Photo Courtesy of Nature & More Vokert Engelsmann, Nature & More founder, is thrilled with this new development. A Dutch scientific institute, Wageningen University & Research Centre, investigated the fundamental sustainability accomplishments of organic agriculture and found that organic agriculture, in most cases, performs better than non-organic agriculture. According to the December 7, 2011 report, […]

How to Homebrew Beer in 10 Steps

Follow along as Urban Farm’s managing editor homebrews her first batch of beer. Make 5 gallons of homebrewed beer the fun and easy way!

Follow the Fracking Rules

Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock A new California bill will add more transparency to oil companies that frack. Hydraulic fracturing, “fracking,” companies may soon be revealing more information about their fracking explorations, due to a new draft for a bill by California Governor Jerry Brown’s administration. Although it will take a long time for the bill to […]

California’s Prop 37: The Right to Know (About GMOs)

Image courtesy of California’s Prop. 37 proposes placing labels on genetically engineered food. California residents will have the chance to vote on the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, also known as Proposition 37, on Election Day this year. The act will require retail stores to label all genetically engineered foods. According […]

Olympics Finally Go Green

Photo courtesy of EG Focus The 2012 London Olympic Park is taking sustainability to the next level. Olympic Stadium sits in an area known for housing London, England’s poor and socially progressive citizens and building depravation. That all changed this year with the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, based around Olympic Park, built in […]

Frac-sand Mine to Open Across Wisconsin High School

Photo by Jim Tittle/ Glacier Sands, LLC recently obtained a conditional permit to build a 325-acre frac dry-sand plant and rail-loading facility directly across the street from Cochrane-Fountain City School in Fountain City, Wis. This not-too-uncommon-in-Wisconsin facility will be located between Kamrowski Road and Bensel Pond, and will be the main distribution center for frac-sand […]

World Oceans Day

Graphic courtesy of The Ocean Project Today is the celebration of the 20th World Oceans Day. World Oceans Day, an event recognized by the United Nations, is in its 20th year today. This year’s them is Youth: the Next Wave for Change. According to The Ocean Project, today is an international celebration of the huge […]

WSPA Shows Its Pawprint to the United Nations

Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/World Society for the Protection of Animals Luis Carlos Sarmiento of WSPA (left) hands 108,571 Pawprint petition signatures to the executive coordinators of Rio 20, Ms. Elizabeth Thompson (middle) and Mr. Brice Lalonde (right). The World Society for the Protection of Animals gave almost 110,000 signatures on its petition to improve treatment […]

Graft Bombing

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto/Thinkstock Guerrilla Grafters is converting city streets into food forests. Taking the underground gardening movement to a new level, San Francisco-based activist group, Guerrilla Grafters, helps fruit grow — on urban, non-fruit-bearing trees. The ultimate goal is to “turn city streets into food forests.” There are many public ornamental fruit trees lining […]

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