chicken, Peanut
When Good Hens Go Bad

Apparently, “chicken resentment” is actually a thing.

beekeeper bees beginner
12 Signs You’re Becoming a Beek

Have you traded your time in front of the TV for time in front of the hive? Watch out, you’re on your way to becoming a bee geek.

Hurray For Espaliers

One of my goals for the new year is to learn this pruning technique that allows trees and vines to grow against a flat surface.

growing mushrooms
The Mushrooms Are Mushing!

OK, that might not be the technical term, but the mushroom logs I inoculated are starting to fruit.

prune trees
And A Pruner In A Pear Tree

The day after loads of Christmas feasting is dedicated to pruning back fruit trees. (It’s important to burn off those calories, after all.)

winter garden
The Secret Behind Cold-Hardy Plants

Ever wonder why your tomatoes die but your kale thrives at the onset of cold weather? There’s a scientific explanation!

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