beekeeper bees beginner
12 Signs You’re Becoming a Beek

Have you traded your time in front of the TV for time in front of the hive? Watch out, you’re on your way to becoming a bee geek.

Hurray For Espaliers

One of my goals for the new year is to learn this pruning technique that allows trees and vines to grow against a flat surface.

growing mushrooms
The Mushrooms Are Mushing!

OK, that might not be the technical term, but the mushroom logs I inoculated are starting to fruit.

prune trees
And A Pruner In A Pear Tree

The day after loads of Christmas feasting is dedicated to pruning back fruit trees. (It’s important to burn off those calories, after all.)

Cyn's letter to Santa Claus
A Farmer’s Letter To Santa

My yearly Christmas letter to Santa includes lots of tools, garden labor and, yes, chicken diapers.

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