Girly-Girl Gardening

Among the functionality of my Fortress Garden, I’ve dabbled in bits of pretty things to make my growing season that much more enjoyable.

What’s In a Name?

A trip to the lumberyard helped me quickly learn the difference between dirt and soil—and yes, there is a difference.

When Good Hens Go Broody

A game of seek-and-find with my broody hen didn’t produce the results that the poor girl probably wanted.

Strange (Garden) Bedfellows

Pairing these unlikely produce combinations in the garden could mean averting future disaster.

Now, That’s My Kind of Tractor

As I dream of a stately vintage tractor posing on my property, I depend to a simple, lightweight chicken tractor to perform my garden tilling.

Why I’m Totally Into Chicks

The hens in our charter flock turned me from chicken agnostic to borderline obsessed. The Girls, as we call them, have officially achieved family status.

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