Dave Boyt

Title: Technical Writer

Location: Missouri, USA

Expertise: Farm Equipment

Dave Boyt lives near Neosho, Mo., where he manages a family tree farm and operates a portable sawmill. He lives with his wife and an assortment of adopted stray dogs in a passive solar home they built more than 30 years ago. He writes for a variety of forestry-related publications.


Dave Boyt's work includes the design and construction of a prototype 7 ft. diameter parabolic satellite dish, computer sales, product development, curriculum writing, customer service, sales support, and technical training. Currently self-employed as a technical writer/ illustrator, and run a portable sawmill in my spare time for fun and profit.


Dave Boyt went to Neosho High School, Crowder College, B.S. in Forestry from the University of Missouri, M.S. in Wood Science from the University of Massachusetts, and an M.S. in Industrial Technology Education from Pittsburg State University. He has a degree in forest management.

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